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Death is better than living with all the lies told [...]

Albuquerque, New Mexico
via The Full Circle Project
Death is better than living with all the lies told to us by the "authority". So why are we not fighting to the death?
[deleted user]
We are.. the majority aren't.. when the majority are.. revolution.
Wednesday 6 July 2016, 22:42:11
We are being led into chaos. The majority will still take the government/corporate media line - AND THEY KNOW IT. Shame. But how do we change this? How did I wake up? How did you wake? Why did we wake up?
Thursday 7 July 2016, 00:13:34
[deleted user]
Some polls seem to suggest that very, very few people are believing the corporate media's lies any longer. How do we change this? You can't change anything by fighting against it. What we need is to create a new vision for our future, and simply start to implement it, without waiting for permission. We are so splintered right now, that it is difficult to get people to agree on just about anything. That's fine, let 10,000 alternatives to the existing system manifest, diversity is good, unity in politics is for dictatorships, it will sort itself out, we will discover what works and refine as we go. I suspect that what we'll find, is that there are almost as many viable ways to conduct ourselves as there are people on this planet, and so long as we conduct ourselves peacefully, don't impose ourselves on others violently, that's a good thing.
Thursday 7 July 2016, 03:00:45
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