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Hi LightBeings, Thank you for your interest in the Prepare for [...]

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Hi LightBeings,

Thank you for your interest in the Prepare for Change Network Group (PFC). We are having a meeting this week on Sunday July 10th in the early part of the afternoon.

Currently, the direction of our meetings is creating ways to awaken as many people as possible to the truth, learning new ways to make old systems obsolete and show humanity that there is a better way to a more joyous and peaceful world, and supporting each other through this process of change. We feel this is very important and necessary during this time.

Prepare for Change was created to prepare for ‘The Event’, which was the original reason we started having the meetings.

The members of the Prepare for Change group feel it is important to be prepared for ‘The Event’, along with awakening humanity.

For those of you who are not familiar with ‘The Event’, Prepare for Change was created by a Pleiadian contactee who goes by the codename Cobra (abbreviation for compression breakthrough)(…), who also released the original information regarding ‘The Event’. However, many others now support this same information in their own way, through their own sources.

According to Cobra, this is a very brief summary of ‘The Event’:

The first aspect is the reset of the financial system. The reset of the financial system will end the current imbalances that are one of the major sources of suffering on the planet. The new financial system will be transparent and fair to everyone.

The second aspect is the arrest of the members of the controlling forces of the Cabal, of those people who were actually enslaving humanity for all those centuries.

The third aspect is finally the truth will begin to be released through the mass media, truth about the planetary situation, truth about our history, truth about UFOs, about extraterrestrial contact, about free energy, about true physics, about everything–will be released finally to the mass population.

“There will also be the non-physical aspect of ‘The Event’, which will be a flash, the wave of energy from coming from the galactic central sun. Many people who are more spiritually aware will be able to feel that flash. That will begin a process of mass awakening that will go across humanity after ‘The Event’. So, it is pretty safe to say that none of us will be the same after ‘The Event’.

Keep in mind the details that are given here are most likely NOT an exact description of everything that may happen. However these are the basic plans, as it is understood at this time. It is indicated that certain aspects of this plan will be enacted. Human free-will plays a central part in this process and the enactment of the plans will be a fluid model that may change hourly to be determined by the progress we make during ‘The Event’.” (excerpted from the following links:… and…)

For those of you who feel guided to learn more information about ‘The Event’, what is expected to happen after, and the history that has led us to where we are now, please read these cornerstone articles written by Cobra:…

Also read about The Ascension Plan here:…

To learn more about how ‘The Event’ Support Groups support and prepare for ‘The Event’, which includes the time before, during and after please read:…………

We would love to have all of you participate in this new direction if it feels right for you.

We have a Meetup this Sunday afternoon where we will also partake in the weekly event meditations. If you are available and would like to join us please contact me and I will provide you with venue details.

If you would like to partake in our meetup we will be discussing the following this week:


It was decided that our next meetup we would deal primarily with the Event Preparation.

Group GUIDED EVENT Meditations (30 min.)

*Event preparation* - Primary task for us to act on. Prepare documents and action strategies as detailed in the ESG (event support group) guidelines:…: and event updated action plan…. Please read this beforehand and bring up any questions at the meet-up.

A poll taken on who would like to participate on the other initiatives as discussed at our June 1st meet-up:

External initiatives - Inspire awareness (and/or gain publicity) through marketing campaigns, bill-boards,

T-shirts, blogs, videos, social media, blogs, etc.

Group therapy - Address issues holding us back from having the greatest possible impact; things that we can do as a group to help an individual

Joyful activities - Doing things that bring us joy and inspiration; for example group/individual hugs, dance/motion, vocal/expression, games/role-play - to be done either in a meet-up or out in public

Energy work/meditation - For example group healing, energetic invocations, event amplification, and grid-work eg. Casa Loma, (CN Tower done last year) Decoding Gridwork: Toronto…

External Initiatives were discussed primarily by Steve at our last meet-up. Decide as to who would like to take the responsibility in undertaking these initiatives:

social media brought forward by Brian, posting to reddit, digg, forums, Twitter and other channels of information other than Facebook and, where currently our messages are posted.

brochure and or business cards - decide on a script like "Are you ready for a better life?" and a website landing page link

website created and designed to promote articles on Money, Health, Equality (web stats on topics mostly read by visitors on Prepare for Change website and other spiritual communities that are in our alignment

audio recording of our meet-ups, edit main points discussed, upload to youtube/soundcloud/iTunes etc

Podcasts of speaker(s) on specific topics

video recording introduction of our message, real-life recordings of our campaigns/initiatives

a day out with our special t-shirts and brochure/business cards, publicizing our message to travelers on transit, shows, community events, etc

Edwin and Ana talked about day to day conversations while out doing errands talking about our group in public with others while waiting at a check-out line for instance

Edwin brought forward online and written petitions put together for various campaigns eg. chemtrails

Reciprocal linking brought forward by Maria of our message/campaigns to eg. Golden Age of Gaia, Stillness in the Storm, Event chronicle, Prepare for Change websites etc.

Edwin brought forward the idea of having the above websites writers write an article depicting our campaigns, initiatives

Brian mentioned about unifying our message with the above websites and others to a common vision (David currently is doing work with the main PFC on this initiative)

Bulletin boards - posting of our CLB - Community Leaders Brief mentioned by either Maria or Diana

a platform such as Googlegroups for our Focused PFC group where info can be shared and stored preferably in an easily accessible manner

many other ideas not recorded here and or that have not been brought forward can be discussed at this time like a campaign focused on the financial shift with all of us with t-shirts with a currency note of U.S one dollar bill on the entire back-side of t-shirt and with the pyramid and all seeing eye enlarged with simply #PrepareForChange on the front-side of t-shirt and having a 'business' card with the same dollar on one side and #prepareforchange on the other (Edwin's idea)


Possible public venues for our Focused and Joint Meet-ups (Diana has found options) that are dispersed throughout the GTA and not solely in one area to entice more people to participate without always having to go to one area of the city.

Set time, venue and Agenda for next meetup

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday, July 10th.

*********** Please let me know ASAP if you are planning to come, so we can give you location details. ***********

Thank you kindred souls,

Ana & Edwin

Let’s come TOGETHER and COMBINE our efforts!

Join us NOW in our weekly GUIDED GLOBAL MEDITATION to Speed Up the transformation of this WORLD.

Please join us today, and every day at:

– 2pm for the Emergency Europe/Syria Meditation

– 3 pm for the Event Speed-Up Meditation, immediately followed by the Liberation Movement’s Weekly Meditation on Sundays

Web location:…

Skype channel web link:…
Arcturus Avalokiteshvara
I'm new to this forum. There are a lot of links here. What is the best thing for me to do now to prepare for 'The Event' and help us realize a smooth transition for earth and humanity? Also check out my post above and related blogs. With love and energy, Arcturus A (Tim)
Saturday 9 July 2016, 21:52:58
coming together with like minded individuals and setting up your own group will aid in the transition to our new world ... i feel is the best way to prepare <3
Saturday 9 July 2016, 22:15:28
Family of light from northern Illinois. What's next?
Thursday 25 August 2016, 00:33:25
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