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Any brits got any info on water fluoridation I'm [...]

County Durham
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Any brits got any info on water fluoridation I'm from county durham and not sure if my supply is toxic thanks
[deleted user]
They are vague but this may help....The extent of water fluoridation in the UK - Telegraph › News › Science › Science News
I just typed in flouride in uk water...
Saturday 22 August 2015, 23:11:19
Hey Cliff, most of the UK is not (assuming we believe the official map) but they're happy to fill it with chlorine and often there are heavy metals detectable as well, best to get a good filter if you haven't already. We use British Berkeley with the heavy metal filter since it doesn't need electricity to work (and I'm a paranoid sort!). You can do a quick test for fluoride, put some water in a dark coffee cup then place somewhere warm and let the water evaporate - check for white powedery residue. Beyond water you also need to be avoiding the following: otc and prescription meds (wherever possible), softdrinks, fruit juices from concentrate and try to eat organic (pesticides and herbicides contain fluoride). Obviously the toothpaste as well. Unfortunately beyond that it is still pumped into water (fish) and the air via fuel emissions, however if you can avoid consuming it then you can detox yourself from the rest by taking or eating food rich in calcium, magnesium, boron and iodine
Sunday 23 August 2015, 05:54:45
The European Union and China, along with most other countries banned flouride decades ago. This is why it was sold to the U.S. for a profit and put into our water supply. I believe I heard that they are trying to flouridate the water in the UK and other countries now, however. I'm not sure if they are being successful with this, but I'd check out local government sites, as this info of course will never be disclosed to the public.
Sunday 23 August 2015, 07:02:29
Spring water if you can, filters don't filter out chloramine which is what is being used most in the US.
Sunday 23 August 2015, 09:52:11
[deleted user]
I prefer the water that runs off Beeley Moor. I had a sample tested and it's 19% sheep piss, it's doing me no baarm...... ;-)
Sunday 23 August 2015, 11:14:15
[deleted user]
Sunday 23 August 2015, 11:41:26
I'd rather drink my own piss than the stuff coming out my taps!
Sunday 23 August 2015, 11:42:32
LOL same here Amanda! At least I know it's all organic and nothing poisonous coming out of my body.
Sunday 23 August 2015, 13:12:57
Mark R
Do an internet search on the mineral Shungite. It can be purchased online or at any mineral and crystal show in your area. Shungite has natural cleansing properties when placed in drinking water. Perhaps buy a 3 to 5 gallon container of clean water and drop the Shungite in it. Found out about this a few years back. Lately, I only drink distilled water that is mixed with 35-percent food grade hydrogen peroxide. The container in my fridge has the Shungite rock sitting at the bottom of the tank!
Sunday 23 August 2015, 15:52:33
[deleted user]
Nice one mark cheers
Sunday 23 August 2015, 15:57:36
Sunday 23 August 2015, 16:05:35
[deleted user]
Good link bud cheers😊
Sunday 23 August 2015, 16:44:59
Hi Mark, how does the food grade hydrogen peroxide taste? I just found out about the hydrogen peroxide about a month or so. Also do you purchase it or make it yourself? From the source I found, it seemed dangerous to make certain you get the correct percentange of it.
Monday 24 August 2015, 01:25:05
Mark R
I bought it from a health food store. It is best to read "The One-Minute Cure" by Madison Cavenaugh. It does not taste bad at all. I could taste like gasoline if it oxygenates my cells and cures cancer. Make sure that you realize there is only 35-percent "food grade" hydrogen peroxide. Do not assume alternates!
Monday 24 August 2015, 01:34:05
Thanks Mark I'll have to look into getting some then.
Monday 24 August 2015, 01:48:51
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