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There was an election held today in Australia and I [...]

Loy Yang, Victoria
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There was an election held today in Australia and I did not take part in it. I went to the polling booth and got my name ticked off the list (baby steps with breaking conditioning), took the ballot papers and wrote lots of lovely slogans for the ballot counter to read. My partner did well and slept in today after being sick all week. My mum surprised me by saying ''how can it be a democracy when you are forced to vote?'' and I nodded and said yes.
[deleted user]
All voting does is give a % figure of the people who believe the political bollocks they are fed and are stupid enough to believe these people are actually leaders and there is nothing they can do to change their dominance over their lives..... The only vote that will change anything, is when no one votes at all.
Saturday 2 July 2016, 16:54:53
You are right that is not democracy. Do you get the feeling voters in Australia are OK with this?

We have just had a Brexit vote leave the European Union. If I was forced to vote I would either do what you did or fight the system. Really sad all that is going on to control us. In the end I did not vote in Brexit I thought it would be a complete waste of time.

Some people have said to me I voted out some have said I voted in which is reflective in how close the vote was. But Brexit clearly won, but did it? And that is the reason I tell both sides why I did not waste my time on these so called democratic officials. Fool me once!!
Saturday 2 July 2016, 16:56:57
[deleted user]
Its beginning to look like a re-ploy to split England, Scotland and perhaps Wales....... Reports of Sturgeon over in Brussels suckin' off Schulz to the tune of another "Scottish independence referendum", and a supposedly unintentionally leaked video of the Wales team celebrating Englands exit from the Euros..... OK a mobile phone video of a football team cheering a rivals defeat isn't exactly a direct rally call for a nations sovereignty, but it plants the seeds of "US vs THEM" in peoples minds... I know this to be true because I thought it myself, I am totally in the welsh corner for this football journey, but when seeing the video I thought "why should I support this team when they show no support in return for mine ?".. Thankfully I am cleared headed enough to not have my mind made up for me and regardless, I will love my brothers and sisters in their efforts for a tournament victory, and not despise and wish failure upon them, as was suggested....... The bottom line being, governance is the problem, these people are never going to play ball, how can we continue to barter with a group who insists on always having it their way, and even when they do not get their way, the act violently deceitful in efforts to always get their way.... No vote is the only vote that counts imo.... consider the EU vote was a reported 72% turn out, meaning 28% of people eligible to vote did not cast a vote, the split was a reported 48-52%, which appears as though the majority of people have decided, but 52% of the votes cast only equates to 37.4% of the people... so what we are actually left with is 37.4% vote Leave, 34.6% vote Remain, and 28% did not vote..... I'm sure the 28% would be dressed up as those who didn't have time, or forgot, or just don't care etc.. but i'd suggest many people in that 28% like myself do not feel that a simple "one way or the other" is going to cut it on that scale and would like more of an influential input, so the voting process should be expanded/elaborated... Do I want option one, all the benefits and all the consequences ? No.... Do I want option two, no benefits and no consequences ? No.... Do I want the currently unavailable option 3, the ability to tailor my life so as I can reap as much ethical benefit as possible and thus keeping any consequence of action to a minimum, or failing the ability to provide this option, loss of confidence, breach of office, dismissal of government ? Yes, option 3 is how I wish my will be interpreted.. and if at any point I wish to change my mind, i reserve that right too, wankers !!!!
Saturday 2 July 2016, 17:43:11
Let me say on your 'All voting does' you are 100% correct. Still reading.
Saturday 2 July 2016, 18:27:00
Nice piece Freeman. Interesting maths their. Governance is by their system and they are not playing by the rule of law. Their system of what many think is legalese by admiralty law I.e. Universal Commercial Code to include Canon Law is what they only understand and are now so blatantly telling us as if their is nothing we can do about it and we can't touch them. Their legalese needs to be exposed for what it is a 'fraud' on a most gigantic scale. They think you and I have 'crossed the bar' - far from it.
Saturday 2 July 2016, 19:13:14
Phillpots in answer to your question, I got the impression from 2 young people who were standing behind me were annoyed that they were forced to vote in something which in their own words ''is a complete waste of time and that if the votes really counted then they would have the option that voting is optional rather than mandatory. My partner had been sick during the week he couldnt get out of bed let alone vote. A fine will be issued because of that, but we won't pay.

Freeman- the way you worked out how many actually voted in the Brexit seems to be more accurate then the numbers ive seen of who voted and who didnt. Id vote for option 3
Sunday 3 July 2016, 03:58:01
If I was in your situation I would get evidence together. Self certification for his work or a doctors note. They could not enforce a fine with evidence to show he could not make it to polling station. Hope this helps.
Sunday 3 July 2016, 09:32:50
[deleted user]
Consider the entire population.. We are told there are 64.1 million people in the UK.... 17,410,742 reported votes to Leave equates to a little under 27.17% of the entire population..... and a reported 16,141,241 votes to Remain equates to 25.19% of the entire population..... 27.17 + 25.19 = 52.36%, so just over half of the common people entitled to vote bothered to cast a vote one way or the other.... if we minus 11 million children (under 18), we are left with a population of 53.1 million..... There were 33,55,1,983 votes cast, which leaves 19,548,017 people entitled to vote who did not cast a vote. Now I believe that children should have a voice in a decision that is proclaimed to effect their entire future, I could certainly express a detailed opinion when I was 10.... Now, there are around 5 million 12-17 year olds, so thats another 5 million people who I believe should have a voice yet they are not represented as government guidelines prevents them from having a voice in the matter... this would bring to total of people entitled to vote who did not cast a vote up to 24,548,017........ That makes 24,548,017 common people whos voice is not represented in the matter because they have not been provided with the relevant option in which to cast a vote upon, and even if we discount the children as at present their voice is just "my opinion", we are still left with 19.5 million entitled voters who did not cast a vote..... weigh that up against 16.1 million votes to Remain, and 17.4 million votes to leave, and I guess the 19.5 million entitled to vote who did not vote ARE THE MAJORITY........... This seems odd because there was a reported 72% turn out, but 33.5 million votes against an entitled population of 53.1 million does not equate to 72%... infact it suggest only a 63.1% turn out of entitled voters....... Gonna pick up the maths on this a little later on.
Sunday 3 July 2016, 10:07:38
[deleted user]
Mandatory voting + fines for refusal = Dictatorship
Sunday 3 July 2016, 10:37:34
Thanks Phillpots for your advice, he has a medical certificate to prove that he wasn't able to vote.
Ahh yep thats what its like living here in ''Experiment Land'' I mean Australia- the land of slaves and conformity, you don't know how many times Ive thought about moving overseas, but I realise that I can't do that. I chose this place for a reason, the Land needs me, I can't abandon her because its too hard. I am a warrior for Aus
Sunday 3 July 2016, 14:19:33
Then there is no way your government can fine you let alone impose it. If they can then something is seriously wrong. Keep fighting especially for freedom from oppression.
Sunday 3 July 2016, 14:55:42
absolutely Phillpots- I won't give up or give in
Sunday 3 July 2016, 14:58:03
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