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Everyone need to pay attention to the MMS article and [...]

Surprise, Arizona
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Everyone need to pay attention to the MMS article and do our part to help. MMS alone will change the world. lets get onboard .
Kasey M
thank you Kenneth
Saturday 2 July 2016, 16:29:15
Hi there Kenneth. I was researching further into what is in MMS and i discovered it contains the same ingredients as bleach. Check it out…
Saturday 2 July 2016, 23:19:04
kenneth g
Hi Kasey, I wander how much she makes for that? LOL
Sunday 3 July 2016, 00:58:34
kenneth g
You got to love them
Sunday 3 July 2016, 00:59:40
kenneth g
MMS is not a bleach, MMS is an oxidizer that kills the pathogens of many different diseases. The chemical of MMS has been used to kill pathogens for 100 years, and to purify water.
Monday 4 July 2016, 20:20:12
kenneth g
MMS (drops of chlorine dioxide mixed with water) is not a bleach. Every single chemical known to man can be poisonous when taken in too large of quantities. Recently - a girl died from drinking too much water. [2] Ninety five percent of the medicines known to man are extremely poisonous when used in large quantities. About 15 aspirins can kill a person. One half of a cup of most of the chemicals under your sink would kill a person. I am very very sorry that no scientist or scientific laboratory has ever written up and signed a scientific paper stating that MMS is not a bleach. The fact is, no laboratory ever thought that it would be necessary to come out and say that. It never occurred to any of them that someone would be dumb enough to start calling dilute solutions of chlorine dioxide a bleach. (Industrial strength Chlorine dioxide solutions has absolutely nothing to do with MMS.) MMS is only a few drops of Chlorine dioxide (or even just Sodium chlorite) diluted in plenty of water – it simply does not have the potential to bleach anything at all. That is ridiculous - to push the idea that MMS is a bleach, as no one has ever used MMS for a bleach. [3]
Monday 4 July 2016, 20:29:23
Kasey M
I didn't think it was a bleach, I was thinking it sounds like mothers milk but concentrated
Tuesday 5 July 2016, 14:41:34
kenneth g
Those people are expected. They don't know what they do. All they know is they get paid to say those things.
Tuesday 5 July 2016, 14:55:43
kenneth g
Good morning my brother
Tuesday 5 July 2016, 14:56:11
Kasey M
good morning brother, I hope all went well this past weekend. I had a couple of wild dreams in my naps which I am going to post today. I want to see if anyone else has had something similar. I spent the weekend just being me, and free. I did spend time meditating and sun gazing.
Tuesday 5 July 2016, 14:59:12
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