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We have a go fund me account now setup for [...]

Belfast, Belfast
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We have a go fund me account now setup for Ubuntu Northern Ireland and plan on setting up a Ubuntu farm to get this rolling! We have found a piece of land at £250.000 which is 15 acres! This would be ideal to really promote and move the Ubuntu movement and take the publics eye by storm. I would like all to share this as far and fast as you can possible share. If we get above the £200,000 we are asking for this would be a change to humanity and really set things off.…
Gary N
Just so you all know the farm will me named Dochas Baile - the Ubuntu farm. Dochas Baile means hope home or hope town in Irish!
Friday 1 July 2016, 20:37:38
Dear Gary, I suggest you first read the book of Micheal Tellinger and watch his videos. It has to be an existing munincipality and has to have a willing mayor . It doesnot matter how small the munincipality is. UBUNTU has to win the elections there for 100%.
I have also this exitement and I cant hardly wait but in South Africa UBUNTU needs to win the elections (August 3, 2016 - So in 1 month) and then we have to wait untill the UBUNTU principal will start to role on from there. It should not take long Micheal Tellinger says it should be a matter of weeks not months...
Tuesday 5 July 2016, 13:19:38
Gary N
Kathy you do realise we are not in SA right? I have watched all Michael's videos but this is certainly the first i have heard that the rest of the world has to wait on Michael winning a town in SA. What if the UK wins before Michael? Does that mean the UK cannot start Ubuntu until Michael has won? Think you are perhaps getting a little confused cause as far as i am concerned there is no rulers or rules involved with Ubuntu cause it is for everyone
Tuesday 26 July 2016, 20:46:39
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