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This worries me to the core, I remember a Horizons [...]

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This worries me to the core, I remember a Horizons program (uk TV, although might have been Equinox) about Yellowstone going off. Frankly the world will be a mess a nuclear winter. But this shows we maybe need to start considering this possibly!…

If NATO gets too gobby all the Russians would have to do is target one their HAARP-style devices on Yellow Stone - who needs nukes when there's microwave weapons and super volcanoes??!!

Maybe Google's Project Loon will be the spark that lights the Yellow Stone fire??
Friday 1 July 2016, 10:13:25
would be very convenient for them !
Friday 1 July 2016, 10:14:38
I agree GT, they keep poking the Putin bear, look how nato are all along his borders, I heard on the kev baker show, that there has been a new cyber attack clause implemented now, so , that could be a false flag undetected by anyone and blame Russia and it could all kick it off, let's face it, the powers that shouldn't be, know, we see through there terror FF plots , so let them try with FF cyber attack claims, a great deal harder for average jo to see through it, they are doing the same attacks at China too, lots of weird weather, 90 dead,…
Friday 1 July 2016, 10:22:29
Peoples memory of Mount Saint Helens may have faded somewhat in regard to volcanic activity but I doubt few have any faith in the Feds coming to the rescue as happened during the flooding of St, Louis by tsunami conditions.. The aftermath of that event demonstrates what is likely to occur. At the local level a lot of people may band together for their mutual survival as I witnessed where I live. It seems to depend on the magnitude of the impact to community infrastructure. if the power grid is down then matters escalate rapidly.
Saturday 2 July 2016, 04:50:41
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