Status #1386 Interesting information on this site. [...]

Westerville, Ohio
via The Full Circle Project… Interesting information on this site. Time for the world to wake up to the truth. Similar treatment of the law in other countries. #Freedom
Mark R
Jeez. Finally someone from th states. I'm from St. Louis and you? Welcome!
Saturday 22 August 2015, 01:34:45
Hi Mark and Suzanne, I live in the US and have been posting on here since June about the Cesta Que Trust, and my case against the STATE for contract fraud, which is going really well, It would be really great to correspond with others interacting in the legal arena. So far, nothing...
Saturday 22 August 2015, 05:06:28
Hi Mark and Amanda, you might find this interesting… Good luck in your quest.
Saturday 22 August 2015, 13:03:15
Thanks Suzanne, finally, info for us in the U.S. I only keep coming across sources for the U.K. and other countries who are having luck in their arenas. Those in the U.S. trying to do the same seem like they keep running into walls.
Sunday 23 August 2015, 07:18:16
Okay, I just searched the Cesta Que Trust and is the exact same info as Mary Croft discusses on her I didn't know the name of the trust was Cesta Que Trust. Has anyone had any success with their mortgages in gaining free title/ sole ownership of their property?
Sunday 23 August 2015, 07:40:14
Kya… This site explains ALL, about the exemption status and ID, etc...
Sunday 23 August 2015, 07:47:00
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