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Unplugging from the Grid: Three Methods There are three methods [...]

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Unplugging from the Grid: Three Methods

There are three methods that I see developing or are in the process of developing within this movement:

Method A: Start from the top, elect an official who is aligned to the principles of this movement in an existing community with an existing infrastructure.

Method B: Purchase land with donations and then set up a community based on the principles of this movement. Existing infrastructure is desirable but not necessarily needed.

Method C: Work within the standard model but utilize existing resources to gradually (or not so gradually) wean oneself off the grid in terms of energy, water, food, transportation, housing.

Am I missing anything? I think it is obvious which groups are which. I am focussed on the last one. I believe this method can be tried out by anyone, from an individual to a family, or a small group of people. It can also be done in conjuction with A. and B. As more people try different things, this could provide some unique solutions for the entire group.
I think, it starts with method C for most of us, doesn't it. You wake up and realize how f***ed up this world is, you do some research, and you find there are ways out of this disaster, even if only very graduallyAs you go on and may think you are the only crazy guy in your surrounding, you come to places like this here and buddy up with others that think alike. It doesn't need a lot of us, and method B kicks in, as you desire to get rid of the suppressing system and demonstrate how things can be run much better and to the well being of everybody.Method C, as far as I can see, is kind of the backing up against the system you are trying to get rid of, because it will fight back, that's for sure.Does that make sense?
Tuesday 28 June 2016, 05:48:52
Well, the last one should obviously have been method A (not C) that is the backing up.
Tuesday 28 June 2016, 05:59:56
If only it were that easy!
Tuesday 28 June 2016, 09:55:48
I'm not saying it's easy. I've got my hard times and lots of frustration every day, believe me. But the point to me is: when your mindset is that things are not easy to do, then they will not be easy to do. As we are all the Creator, if we cannot imagine a brighter future and make all efforts to get there every day, who else is gone do that for us? And actually, it would be rather easy to change ... it "just" needs everybody to stop doing what they consider their daily life. All of us. Just stop it. And this whole house of cards would collapse immediately. It is just that the majority of us always comes with excuses, and then just carries on ...
Tuesday 28 June 2016, 11:03:49
Agent_K I agree and it’s my goal to. IF we all rebuild community then we would
have a better chance
Tuesday 28 June 2016, 13:02:22
So Clarence ... I'm somewhere in method C still, as did not take all possible action yet to get myself (and my family) off the grid. My imagination however, is trying to get to method B already. That's why I'm here, and I'm really happy to see that Michael's initiative already starts to spread into other countries. As I'm living in Switzerland, I was happy to receive news from Austria, where Michael visited a group of people that is way more advance with their actual doing than anybody I met in Switzerland. Maybe you can imagine that people here as just too wealthy to get the point of a moneyless society. Recently, they even voted No on an initiative for providing every Swiss citizen with a base income ... no comment. This initiative at least started the discussion, but was mainly laughed off as something utopian. Austria seems to be way more advanced in publicly accepting that the predominant system has failed and needs to be replaced with something radically new and profoundly different.
Tuesday 28 June 2016, 14:02:00
Agent_K, thanks for those comments. I am only where I am because I started from an ecological slant in 2010. I worked through the number of people the earth could sustain (2 billion?), my own footprint, and on and on. Gradually I got more interested in solar and tried "simple" things like charging a $25 5Ah battery off the sun and powering an under the sink 12V LED light off of that. So when this movement came along, I thought "Good, a philosophical framework that ties everything together, neat!" But it takes a long time, and your right, the whole family needs to be on board with that. The only practical things that I can suggest (and have tried, to a degree is). 1. Try turning the main breaker switch off to your dwelling on, say, a Saturday morning, and see what lives. The kids might like it! A challenge for them. 2. Find a sturdy backpack and a scale. Load it up to 40lbs max and walk out the door with that. How long can you live? Try sleeping out of doors for a few nights with no $$$ and see how you feel. Everything, almost absolutely everything is tied to money with only one or two degrees of freedom, especially property and accommadations. You are not even allowed to fall asleep at night in a well known restaurant chain here in this country. They will let you sit there for hours on end, but fall asleep? No! Not allowed. So, what is going on behind the scenes there when a basic necessity, as surely as going to the washroom and getting a glass of water (which is allowed) is denied you, in a developed country. Basic stuff! Thanks for those responses. All the best over there. There is a link below to a small community, I thought in Switzwerland, that is actually using a free enery device and living off the land... Got to start somewhere!
Tuesday 28 June 2016, 16:15:23
Can't see the link, Clarence ... however, I think you refer to that group called "Methernita", and the free-energy device they are running is called "Testatika". I know about them and have a visit to them on my list for a while now; couldn't make it so far. The problem is, they are a rather religious group, a Christian Alliance. Don't get me wrong, and most probably some people will strongly disagree, but I'm not too keen on any religion, as it is just another means of controlling people, another distraction from reality and a perfect means to separate people from one another. Also, the Methernita a living to some extent off the land, but they are actually an agricultural community that sells their stuff to the public market. Most of them have "normal jobs" like most of us, and they collect all income to the good of the group. From that perspective, they are not any better off than we are. Still enslaved. Still being under the spell of the predominant system. Anyway, that idea of yours of buying a solar panel and running batteries as a (partial) replacement for the public grid is on my list for quite some time now. I'm a mechanical engineer who's interested since childhood in all kinds of energy technologies, however I find some of these ideas not easy to realize in every day life. For example, I would actually like to entirely "produce" my approx. 3200 kWh of annual consumption on my own (and this is extremely low for a family of four compared to everyone around us). Now, as we are living in an apartment, when I approach my landlord saying: "Can I please tinker my own power grid and replace the one in your property?", he's not going to be very happy, I think ... Furthermore, the public provider would wonder how this drop in consumption is possible, and why we don't pay our "share" every year, so they would prohibit such an installation. So much about basic stuff that is not allowed in so called developed countries.
Tuesday 28 June 2016, 19:15:47
I found quite a good link to better explain my relation to religion or any other form of separation - it is from my favorite "teacher" (I know he wouldn't like this expression) Jiddu Krishnamurti:…
Tuesday 28 June 2016, 19:28:54
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