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Predictive programming? I have sensed predictive programming in local media for [...]

Halifax, Nova Scotia
via The Full Circle Project
Predictive programming?
I have sensed predictive programming in local media for some time,
though I would like others, if willing to check it out also.
eg. Halifax Metro, Aug. 20th. There's a column about the street I busk on: "Argyle St." Violent words like "smashing", "isn't sticking around for long", "ammunition" etc.
Many of the articles in the last year or so seem to incite violence.
One a while back seemed to reference the MLK/LGBT juxtapostion at the Oscars and had the lead in the MLK movie, wearing my signature on the cover: a red bow tie. The article inside about him had him portraying a character with last name "Snowden" and the character was a criminal, but didn't say what kind. There seems to be demonization and assassination of my character subliminal for not stepping up as a leader for the LGBT community. See my Twitter or You Tube posts, see Etheridge on New Year's Eve, Michael Franti's Once A Day video that references I believe a local gay man stabbed into a wheelchair for life. "You think it couldn't happen to you".
The local incident could be a false flag or true, I don't know.
See "Won't Back Down" movie with a Ukulele Mike, my stage name, placing a famous musician in black (Johnny Cash), it is what I wear also, placing his picture up on a wall next to assassinated heroes like MLK etc.
Predictive program I believe.
Many doing this may not know they are a part of something.
Many of my posts show what I believe is happening.
I believe my internalized homophobia, and family alcoholism background is being exploited from phone calls with a sponsor, for political gain.
See the movie Campaign, gun threat opening, Nova Scotia reference, useful idiot forced to strip naked and show scars, and I have many psychologically.
It goes on and on.
Also, I seem to have been messed with on POF and dating e-mails, getting weird names like Cunanan, who killed fashion designer Gianni Versace, and other names including ones with Mason in it like Outdoors Mason, as an outdoors busker it has a certain veiled threat to it.
Like I said, it goes on and on.
It would be great to get some feedback on this stuff.
Calling Fritzmeier?
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