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Hi, I am Mark, live in Pretoria, working out in [...]

Pretoria, Gauteng
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Hi, I am Mark, live in Pretoria, working out in the Middle East, originally from Queenstown in the Easter Cape. I am a published writer. I am a research and development training professional in the security industry. I am also a business owner. I am married to a wonderful and professional personal trainer (own business) to the Royals and other high profile individuals in the ME. We are both healers and know there is more to our world than meets the eye. We have both been close range witness to an Unidentified Flying Object (3 metres) during 2008 and have realised there is a 20 minute lost time episode. We know there is definitely a force to our world that is to the common man immeasurable. We know the little we do can and will make a difference somewhere to someone. We do what we can!
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Mark join a circle near you and connect with other people.
Saturday 25 June 2016, 19:19:00
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