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You are the creator of your reality. All of [...]

Grand Island, Nebraska
via Ubuntu Planet
You are the creator of your reality. All of it, all the time. Take responsibility for each and every one of your creations. There is no need to beat yourself up over things that you have done (or failed to do). Forgive yourself and others and, simply, create something better, something you would prefer to experience. The power to do so is yours. The choice is yours. My unconditional love to you.
Beautifully said!
Friday 24 June 2016, 01:18:49
Friday 24 June 2016, 11:32:12
James H
Ha ha, of course... we are god... together, individually we are valuable peices of whom create "god". Bang on!
Friday 24 June 2016, 13:53:47
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