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I am including this information in the hope that it [...]

Denmark, Western Australia
via The Full Circle Project
I am including this information in the hope that it may help many at this very interesting time on our planet.
A huge influx of new spiritual energies is flowing onto our planet, reaching a crescendo around the equinox of 21 September 2015.
It is crucial that we have stability and awareness and direction to help us through these coming energies. It is important that we make the necessary choices and decisions that will move us forward during this window of opportunity.
• Do you understand your own personal life in context to the energies that are coming in now?
• Can you can make more informed choices that can put you squarely on the path of personal transformation?
• How are these energies affecting you?
• What are the challenges you are calling into your life right now?
• Do these challenges assist you or hinder you?
• What do you need to change in your life?
• What old belief patterns need to drop away so you can consolidate that which serves you best?

In order to assist you, we are offering a very special deal to all RP members who are interested in further personal development in this most crucial of times.
Take advantage of the opportunity to have a full reading with Cosmic Awareness at a reduced price of US$198.
This offer applies to all appointments booked before 21 September 2015.
Additionally, if you feel you require counselling to help you through these times, Will is also offering his counselling services at a reduced price of US$162.
To take advantage of these offers, please email Will to make your appointment
[deleted user]
You to can pay for salvation........ No gods no masters!
Wednesday 19 August 2015, 21:46:07
Cormac Jones
You can do all this for yourself for free............ send me a fiver and ill tell
you how !!!!!!
Friday 21 August 2015, 14:20:05
Callista S
How amazing! I was born in Sheffield and my father came from Wales!
Saturday 22 August 2015, 04:42:00
Callista S
Thank you both for reading. We are at a crunch time on the planet and assistance is available if this is your choice :)
Saturday 22 August 2015, 05:51:19
[deleted user]
I know Sheffield well, it was a favourite place in my late teens early twenties for a good night out or to see a punk and metal bands. I also know the Northern General well....
Saturday 22 August 2015, 08:40:24
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