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I'm really amazed how the website is going. I was a [...]

London, Greater London
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I'm really amazed how the website is going.

I was a little worried that the energy would fizz out but things seem to be improving by the day now thanks to the good work of the people involved!

thank you Lewis, that's good to hear! There are more features to come but the biggest contribution will be made by people who participate in taking the ideas and getting busy in their community, then feeding back helpful stories to the site. Something we can all work on together.
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 23:27:47
I'm stepping up last minute to Sean Maguire's radio show tomorrow to introduce some of these features and give an update on FCP if anybody want s to tune in or ask questions /make suggestions.....…
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 23:34:34
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 23:34:46
Callista S
Sending you love and support Lula! too early in the morning for me but hope to listen to the archive after xx
Wednesday 19 August 2015, 05:14:42
Thank you so much Callista! Great to be working alongside you in our efforts to do what needs to be done with the highest intention. Speak soon x
Thursday 20 August 2015, 00:58:36
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