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Thanks 108, I love to see the water engine manifest. [...]

Wells, Nevada
via The Full Circle Project
Thanks 108, I love to see the water engine manifest. Stan Meyer is a sad story as is the mysterious disappearance of the Genepax water car in Japan. A few years back I watched a BBC special titled 'Boldly They Go'. The second half of the program had to do with a planned second submarine excursion to the bottom of the Marianna Trench. When giving a tour of the nuclear sub that would be attempting the trip, the interviewer asked the officer in charge of air quality how they produce oxygen for the crew to breathe. The officer took them into a room that had a few pipes on the wall and a couple of white boxes that looked suspiciously like the box in the rear compartment of the Japanese Genepax water car - which looked to be about 18"x18"x24". When asked how they produce oxygen, the officer replied... "It's simple actually; we run a DC current through demineralized water that separates the hydrogen and oxygen, The oxygen we pump on board for the crew to breathe and the hydrogen we compress and eject from the submarine because it's not needed."
My pleasure, always glad to help kind-minded Spirits Been kinda surprised that the Cabal didn't erased that info already, guess they're lately too busy with something that they're perciving as a cause of greater conCERN than this. And thanks for sharing the story, didn't know about it.
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 16:38:31
Wow, this is the same technology used for the water powered car, which was using the hydrogen from water to fuel the car. Hydrogen is definitely needed! :)
Wednesday 19 August 2015, 01:42:18
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