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We are starting an unofficial initiative to form international circles, [...]

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via The Full Circle Project
We are starting an unofficial initiative to form international circles, the focus being to promote awareness of the Full Circle Project. If you would like to be a part of one of these circles please comment below or if you have any ideas, please add your thoughts.

How can we reach everyone?
How can we each start to build awareness in the local community for the project?

A thread was created before but this thread replaces that. If you wrote in the previous thread, please re-post it here.
The idea is to form groups of five people, locally, nationally or internationally, personally or virtually. We can share our ideas, work together and start making some noise about the project.

When several circles have formed we can network, cooperate and act together in unity.
[deleted user]
i dont believe there is a safe way to form active groups online as TFCP has already been infiltrated by the intergalactic alien seeing fruitcakes (CIA op?), it has to happen at a local level behind closed doors with no electronic equipment present and build larger and larger groups that way first, burning dvds and carefully worded leaflets and leaving them in strategical locations such as jobcenters, doctors surgeries, college's supermarkets and so on, just to plant as many seeds s possible is a start (
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 11:44:57
[deleted user]
lol spike hence my post above yours, nothing will be achieved on here without a concerted effort to protect and keep pure the vital info regarding the financial slavery and the families who own and run it, GMO's, Smart Meters, Education etc....
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 12:18:25
Mikael Cromsjo
In this tread i want to gather people who want to join private circles where we can discuss the issue and cooperate.
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 13:15:21
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 13:15:24
Mikael Cromsjo
If you want to join a circle, you must be willing to give at least one hour of your time per week. To join, just write it here.
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 13:17:02
Mikael great idea, I can totally give an hour to this
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 17:25:07
Of course. Thats why I joined, obviously! If people are willing to cooperate with me I'm wiling to cooperate with them. If you live in Sweden and you are within reasonable travel-distance from me, send me a pm and we will find out if there is enough common ground for us to work together.
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 19:47:32
In my area I've simply clicked on each marker within the state and introduced myself. If there is a response we go from there in private inbox conversation to get acquainted. That is working well so far. We may need a circle later.
Wednesday 19 August 2015, 08:30:47
Mikael Cromsjo
To form local circles is great, but while we are gaining numbers we have to form wider circles. Rosie: I am in Sweden now, but I will leave for Portugal next week. But I would like to work with you. Dani: Great that you are networking!
Wednesday 19 August 2015, 15:08:38
Wednesday 19 August 2015, 21:35:20
Alright. You're probably right. Thank you, Mikael, I know I don't agree with you in every aspect of your personal philosophy and worldview but I would love to work work with you! I'll send you a pm. Anyone else here that I have been talking to lately who wants to give this a try?
Wednesday 19 August 2015, 21:36:13
Friday 21 August 2015, 21:01:49
Yes I would be interested, but can't seem to get anything going hear
Tuesday 25 August 2015, 14:26:47
Mikael Cromsjo
We can start by supporting each other. Then I believe that everything will be easier.
Tuesday 25 August 2015, 23:04:32
That sounds the best way forward.
Tuesday 25 August 2015, 23:09:55
Wednesday 26 August 2015, 05:57:26
Yes indeed. I was asked recently what exactly we were supposed to do in our little group, but I don't know what exactly we should do nor is it entirely up to me to decide. I have some ideas and I'm sure other people do to but we will figure that out together. I know, generally speaking what the kind of person is that I want to work with but how could we be authenticly engaged in this cooperation if I had a framework set already? Each individual needs to contribute with their own unique perspective and we'll decide a direction from there. It's like you say Mikael, we start by supporting eachother then things will be easier... and clearer too.
Wednesday 26 August 2015, 05:57:30
I am elated to connect with other loving, activated souls anywhere and everywhere! I already dedicate about an hour to two every morning reading, responding, investigating and processing information from this wonderful site. I would be happy to make that 1-2 hours significantly more if there is a need for it. I am very interested in others who are in the legal arena. I have boatloads of letters, documents, responses, and information which I am using and finding interesting success with. I would love to see under the legal key topics like: Strawman/ Cesta Que Trust/ Court Structure and terminology( sounds boring but it's really important)/How to respond to any non-violent "crime""charge". These are just the top ones that come to mind. I'm sure others have plenty of other ideas. Let me know how I can help in any way. Much love to everyone. Hey what happens to a troll when you send beaming LOVE their way? Watch out I'm doing it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday 26 August 2015, 12:45:32
Mikael Cromsjo
Great that you are here and willing to act! I am just starting to work with the unite awake method of organizing. We will all start by making a strategic overview. That is a document where we list the top problems that we face (lest start with 5 each with a short 300 letter explanation. Then we write the top causes for the problems (again only the top 5). Third we write the top vision for how the problem is solved. Last the plan for hove we can act in the group to reach our vision. You can find more info on on the method.
Wednesday 26 August 2015, 21:41:02
Mikael Cromsjo
Make sure to separate the problem from the cause. A problem can be seen as as fact. Pollution, Deforestation, Poverty and more. The Cause is our ideas and our conclusions like Fiat money, corruption, propaganda and so on.
Wednesday 26 August 2015, 21:43:19
I feel that I know too little of many of the topics that are major "problems" I would rather work in my chosen area where I have the most knowledge, experience and passion. I appreciate the group of five idea but would rather have it be groups of similar interests. Maybe I'm not getting what you're looking for?
Thursday 27 August 2015, 16:54:44
Mikael Cromsjo
If we start with the big picture we can find other people with similar interests. First begin with the basic overview. You must have some ideas about the main problems of the world. It is only in your eyes and it does not have to be the right answers. That is only to know each other and find common ideas. If you do not have any, that it is time to start looking at the problems now, Without having a good overview your action will not have the same strength to change the world. Am i right?
Friday 28 August 2015, 13:16:12
Mikael Cromsjo
I want to start a skype group with everyone in the curcle. Please mail your skype id to me or add me in skype. mail: Shype: mikael.cromsjo.
Saturday 29 August 2015, 22:24:49
Being a nature lover animals was my first focus, but TTIP court my attention, which seem to encompass all aspects of our lives. The hidden clauses and arbitration I think is a matter of great concern, particularly when this can take place in secret. Pesticides and the bees are also close to my heart. I have been trying with various members and fb with little success. Sorry I don't have Skype.
Saturday 29 August 2015, 22:59:49
Mikael Cromsjo
You can use skype without downloading it. We will be using it as a chat tool mostly. All you need is to create a user.
Monday 31 August 2015, 08:27:05
Cheers, not at home just now, but I'll jump straight on and look when I am.
Monday 31 August 2015, 14:36:44
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