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Dear Trygve: You found Kirk's "Harmonious Earth" website. [...]

Grand Island, Nebraska
via Ubuntu Planet
Dear Trygve: You found Kirk's "Harmonious Earth" website. Michael Tellinger says on one of his videos that his rediscovery of UBUNTU/Contributionism in 2005 was due to "luck". But, of course, it wasn't--as he probably realizes, now--luck. If each person is the creator of his/her own reality (and they are), then there is no such thing as "luck". You are always as powerful as you need to be in order to create any reality you wish to experience, without having to hurt yourself, or anyone else, in order to do so. [And no luck required ]
Well Michael, out of curiosity I clicked on your name and noticed you live in Grand Island, NE. Your nearest UBUNTU neighbor is in Lincoln so I don't suppose you've met any local awake people. You seem to be hitting on all cylinders - how is it that you woke up? (Isn't this an interesting tool?).
Tuesday 14 June 2016, 17:53:17
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