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The federal reserve is a private institution which is said [...]

Hammond, Wisconsin
via The Full Circle Project
The federal reserve is a private institution which is said to be "federal", when it is really owned and controlled by the same people and families who has created and financed wars, and who's behind allot of the negativity here on earth. This is a very informative documentation of how the monetary system has been manipulated in all years, and corbet also brings in some possible solutions to the problem. What are youre thoughts on how we can all move away from moneymanipulation, and create our own independent system?…
It is important for everyone to be aware of this- thanks for the post. I do wonder why
we so often blame the system? If we insist on each and every human, being responsible for their actions and hold Natural Law as the highest Law, none of this would be possible. Stop paying the greedy ones. Investigate the Cesta Que Trust and start using it, Stop paying taxes and start local awareness. We can each make a difference, right now!
Monday 17 August 2015, 11:23:13
Thanks for answering Amanda! I really agree- but it is also important to be aware of such things to be able to defining what we all should stop supporting. Even though it might be a more or less depressing awakening, the truth will eventually set humanity free, and even though our society, institutions, the state of the planet and human counsciousness is pretty bad at the moment, one should be able to look beyond it and understand that the only truth is love. By understanding this, we could as a collective raise the frequency on this planet, but this includes looking at both sides of the twofaced coin. I totally agree upon the concept of blame, just blaming the system is not enough, we should also see ourselves in the bigger picture.
Monday 17 August 2015, 12:16:33
[deleted user]
the money is fiction. pure and simple. just figures on the screen. now i will type here 1000000 dollars and now i have it. that how money is created. im rich now folks. but if you believe me then you will do the same like me. but i will not stop here........i will always give my self opportunity when you all started to believe me to each time when i give to any of you 1 dollar have a chance to lend 10 times more to each of you when some other of you will cam to me to take money in which existence i convince them super thing more. if i convinced them to first then to second well ............this folks can be convinced in way not ask from them to give me interest of that that i typed in computer. and way not also.........because why to stop on just four steps? they dont see. so i will tell them that if they could not pay interest i will take their house. i cant believed...........they are giving their houses because we manipulated stock market that also we invented and they believed.
Monday 17 August 2015, 22:10:37
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