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I would like to see a greeting gesture to counter [...]

Kin Kin, Queensland
via The Full Circle Project
I would like to see a greeting gesture to counter the contrived consciousness lowering devil salute. These gestures can have great power. my suggestion is index finger raised to the sky which can mean this is the law I respect, natural law. Could also indicate we are one. It could also mean kick the bastards out as a cricket umpires dismissal signal. Any other suggestions or comments welcome
Joe F
Two thumbs up!
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 06:41:11
Friday 21 August 2015, 02:48:22
katherine v
I like the idea of that too. Back in ol' blighty years ago, a greeting of respect was to use the upright index finger to tip up the cap. Not many caps today, and those with them seem to have the cap back to front!
Friday 25 September 2015, 03:54:52
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