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Shattering belief systems. I am 54 years old and [...]

Saint Charles, Missouri
via The Full Circle Project
Shattering belief systems. I am 54 years old and the first 49 years of my life was nothing whatsoever like the last 5 years. It was as if there was a line drawn in the sand and it specified that the first 49 years was one life and after that, a new life began. I was thinking today what is the one qualification, beyond all others, that would be most indicative of an "awakened" individual. For me, it has to do with belief systems. From the time we are born, we are subjected to our parents opinions about politics or racism or automobiles, etc. We take on those ideologies of those closest to us and it defines "who we are" - at least it appears to, in our minds. That being said, one of the qualities of my behavior or intellect, is that I can look at any new item of information that is presented to me and can evaluate it fully on it's own merits, as it resonates with my heart. In other words, if I am presented today with conflicting information that disagrees with everything I've ever stood for, if it resonates in my heart as truth, I can completely abandon the old belief system instantly with no pain of lack of "self". It happens time and time again and it does not make me feel misguided, but rather empowered as the truth continues to present itself. Always ask yourself, "Can I completely disconnect from any previously programmed construct, if my heart tells me that new information is, in fact, more accurate?". Never hold fast to the past, for she is guarded my thousands of people that will blindly lay down their lives to protect the ideologies of the long-since dead, without questioning a word.
i find this a really valuable view Mark. Looking at previously un-examined beLIEfs that limit the expression of who we truly are.
Monday 17 August 2015, 00:44:29
The stories we are told, then beLIEve and tell ourselves, were once helpful in defining ourselves and helping us feel secure etc but the circumstances have changed. Is it not time to shed old stories and become the authors of our own lives...? Indeed a time to question the words. Thank you!
Monday 17 August 2015, 00:49:47
Excellent! You have the true discrimination of the awakened heart. That's why the matrix masters so need to keep us locked in egoic linear perception. That way, we can all
be led by the nose.
Monday 17 August 2015, 01:13:35
[deleted user]
very true mark
Monday 17 August 2015, 21:15:04
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