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Dark Empire makes another harmfull move. This one is very [...]

Rzeszów, Województwo podkarpackie
via The Full Circle Project
Dark Empire makes another harmfull move. This one is very stupid, and its explanation is for a very naive ones. I hope that for the rest, it will be a waking up ringig bell. Toxicity from it is obvious. How blind one must be to still believe, that they are saving and not poisoning? Shoot in the knee in my opinion, as this move wakes some of those, that are still in a deep slumber. I hope it will...…
So much of what is done, is not only counter intuitive but down right dumb, until you realize it's all done for financial gain and control. Water being a basic need it is a lynchpin for control and California a perfect target. Thanks for sharing the info.
Sunday 16 August 2015, 12:07:56
Primary cause for this and other similarities, is to block the way for Ascension for as many people, as possible making distortions in their Merkaba field on a cellular level. Their Dark Star is Imploding, and they are trying to take "their" legion with them. At this time, it's more important than ever to cleanse and strenghten Your Merkaba, and to harmonize it with the Gaia's Merkaba.
Sunday 16 August 2015, 13:42:39
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