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Tomorrow I will be fortunate enough to meet loads of [...]

Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire
via The Full Circle Project
Tomorrow I will be fortunate enough to meet loads of new people due to my job. 70% of those inderviduals will engage in conversation as they always do. I can't wait to get started. I wish you all well. 1 of us = millions.
YES! was just about to ask you what you do and then read your profile. A taxi driver IS the best way to reach a LOT of people! Especially when the conversations are about anything and everything and are not controlled, as in most corporate businesses. What corruption are you witnessing in the transportation industry in the UK? I'm in the US and they have stopped the majority of public transport over the years due to funding (not sure if any buses run now). I live in a mostly rural state, so many have their own transportation. Taxis still run though, but mostly because of drunk driving.
Saturday 15 August 2015, 08:26:55
[deleted user]
Well done Street Wise.
Saturday 15 August 2015, 09:49:04
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