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Hammond, Wisconsin
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If we construct a political system online, and makes it possible for people, say over 16 or 18, to vote on different cases and aspects in politics and society, instead of voting on politicians and their parties, people would much more be able to have a direct impact on soceity. The different aspects of society would be prioritized, and the democratic power would directly be given to the people. We should in this system also be able to taxate different industries that are bad for the world, and spend this money directly on developing enviormental and healthy industry, infrastructure and also create more eoconomical equality.

The problem to day, is that the wealthy and powerful remain in their position by unethical means. Weapon industry, the unregulated drug industry, oil industry, fast food and pharmacutical are some examples. Trough net based voting and direct democracy, we could end these big, imperial and destructive buisnisses. We would need to legalize, and regulate different drugs, we would also need to taxate oil, fast food, gun production and replace these with renewable energy, healthy food and scientific space development.

Why do I mention the development of technology that will make it easier for us to explore space? Why is this so important? Mainly, because we are overpopulating the planet, and we need to find other places to live. We could establish colonies on mars, but also IN space. I think the US, but probably many other countries aswell, spend ALLOT more of their money and resources on development of weapons, intended to kill other human beings, rather than developing the technology wich coexists with the ideas of us, a collective species, leaving earth beacause of the overpopulation and lack of resources.

We could trough a net based democracy prioritise differently by implimenting huge taxes on the lethal aspects of capitalism, and then turn those lethal aspects into sustainable, healthy, enviormental and renewable sources. This would be possible if people where provided with the right information and the right "tools" to do so.

The most important issues and downsides with a system like this, could be the fragility of it. Hackers could probably manipulate votes for their own good. Also, the question of wether or not all people should be allowed the same influence dealing with different aspects of society, even though some of the people really dont know what they are voting for, and others may be experts in their field, could probably be the fundament for conflict.

But to not impliment a system like this, would also mean to countinue our present political system, which favours profit over people. Today, the eoconomy rules and almost decides our values and principals. But what if we could reverse it, and say our principals and values will rule the eoconomy instead? This would be possible, if people all over the world would be able to vote on different cases over the internett, and with the free information on how we, as a collectiv, should face the presence and future problems of humanity.
The governments that rule the world already know of ALL advanced technologies, some of which they are using against us. This is just the lower vibrational technology with which it's only purpose is to keep us from heightening our vibrations and awakening more to our abilities. Another myth they like to tell people is the earth is overpopulated, it is not. They simply want to deplete the population of the world to a controllable level for them where they can remain in charge. There are also many planets in the entirety of the vast universe that has other civilizations on them. Mars is one of them and is pure slave labor by the same ET entities that control the earth elitists. Where do you think they came up with all this technology they are using against us? The elites original plan was to move off the planet to Mars and take as many earth humans as possible, as slaves. This was actually a deal made between the US and Russian governments back in the 1950s (I believe, may have been earlier). Their plans didn't last long as they have been enemies ever since, hence the reason for all the bunkers being built & the seed vault in Switzerland. The friendly ETs are out there protecting us from them and also will not ALLOW them to leave. Although, these ETs will not be coming to earth to "save" everyone as many believe. We are all connected with them and can save ourselves with their guidance. They are not to interfere with our progress and awakening, as life IS a growth experience. This is the reason we are all on this planet, to grow in the love and in the light of the ONE infinite creator, from which every entity is a part. The elites do not want us to awaken and remember our abilities, as we are all much stronger than many never know in a lifetime or several. This facade the elites have created goes back to the Egyptians, who had the first slaves. If we gain our power back, they have NO control over us. This means we will not be stuck here to live lifetime after lifetime, as long as we learn from our life experiences and move forward in our free will. This construct of living they have created goes against our free will in EVERY aspect. Money was and is the root cause of all darkness and greed of this world. We need to move away from any and all political systems if we are to advance in any way and not repeat history. Again, all this research is out there in the public domain. All the truths are coming out and this is a wonderful thing. Peace and love be with you, Jonas.
Saturday 15 August 2015, 07:31:41
[deleted user]
We don't need any political parties just people agreeing with each other for the common good. @Kya, i agree with everything you wrote but i'm unsure about the Mars theory. @Jonaskh, i don't think we can actually get into space as we are effectively quarantined and all the nasa stuff is a lie. The Van Allen Belt prevented any of the Apollo craft travelling to the moon due to the radiation. See, "A strange thing happened on the way to the moon." The confused "astronaut" answers that they didn't know about the belt so it didn't affect them..... Figure that one out....
Saturday 15 August 2015, 09:47:01
[deleted user]
A funny thing happened on the way to the moon..... Correction.
Saturday 15 August 2015, 23:10:21
Sunday 16 August 2015, 12:28:22
[deleted user]
Thanks Kya :-)
Sunday 16 August 2015, 13:55:30
Thanks allot for answering, both of you! Kya, i agree that money is a large problem, and it is no doubt that the global monatery system has been manipulated in order to create "order" for the elite out of chaos implemented on the public. BUT it is important to remember that it is not the money itself that is evil, money is simply just a means of exchange, or a kind of energy, if you will. Like all other energies, money can be both focused in good channels and towards positive areas in society, but as it is today, where the money supply is largely being controlled by these nasty corporate elites, and the energy is generally focused on producing and developing bombs, weapons and technologies to control the population, the stake of the outcome is not what it potentially could be. But again, that is just up to us. I belive in a future without money at all, and this is hopefully where the earth and humanity is going, where money itself will be replaced with the amount of hours that you work in your soceity, and the concept of greed, poverty and the manufactured lack and so on will not be able to exist. This is a kind of utopia, that allot of other civilizations already have reached, and we could be a part of that as well, but first we would have to concentrate allot of our energy towards positive actions, where the money and resources/energy/labour/technology should be focused to save humanity and the planet, instead of destroying it. If this includes a system where everyone would be able to vote directly on an net based democracy i dont know, but to me, that almost seems like an inevetable future thing. Mabye it wont be precisely just as i have presented it, mabye it will, who knows? I can also see that it would be possible to after a while just leave society, and to establish smaller communities in uninhabitat land, grow organic food, help each other out, replace money with hours and realize our real potential. This would also make future contact with loving E.Ts possible, but again, i think that a net based democracy could easily go along with such a change. If we where to leave society, and be 100% self sustained and indepedent from money, and all other forms of slavery, allot of the technology, energy, knowlegde and labour would in general needed to be focused in the right direction. Our soceity does not allow such development trough our education system(knowlegde), energy(the negative focus of the media and other external factors), and people are in general too busy and too caught up in running on the ethernal threadmill. They go to work, pay their taxes, pay their debts, and never really contributes to any positive, and this is ofcourse beacuse their energy is beeing focused to keep the machine going, and to keep the system alive. If we where to create a channel where we could direct our energy directly towards positive means instead of negative ones, we would wake up ALLOT of people, the system would gradually collapse(something it is already doing), and we would be able to build it up again from the bottom up. The collapsing/building up would be a process happening almost simultanously, if we where to replace all fossilfuels with renewable energysources, replace bad technologies with good ones over the internet.
Monday 17 August 2015, 00:51:37
Monday 17 August 2015, 00:51:39
Very well said Jonas! The one thing I do know for certain is we have to take this fictional money we have and get it out of the system while it is still worth something and buy whatever we truly need to stay alive and prosper. I'm still not into buying silver or gold either and not sure if it's worth it. The major problem with this is by going back to this mineral system, the ENTIRE WORLD will be MINED for these minerals. Nothing truly has any value unless we add it. I can make a rock a currency if I wanted & it could be worth more than anything else if I chose it. Right now, paper money is worthless and always has been. Our currency has been US all along, with our signature! That's actually the most sustainable currency I can think of, as ink can be made from anything in nature and has been since the beginning of 3rd density life on this planet. We can contribute our talents to communities in adding value to each others lives through enrichment, growth, and knowledge. Hell, we can use art even as currency. This would be of great value over anything else I can think of.
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 01:06:56
I have also found some of Tesla's free energy inventions on the web at government websites that anyone can download. Although, the instructions for building are not given and may be more diagrams added along with those I found, but I believe we could build these ourselves. Another thing is for renewable petrol- diesel cars! Are made to run on ALL types of oils (except for corn I think cos of too much ethanol) and always were. The thing about most newer diesel engines, the filter has to be replaced to allow this, as they are now fitted w/ the smaller, tighter consistency for use w/ regular petrol.
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 01:18:44
I agree, would do anything to form a soceity with art and music as a currency, it would have been really awezome! and you are totally right about the free energy technology, which Tesla created, and the fact that many others actually have been killed for developing this energy by our secret government. The fact is that this whole powerstructure baisicly runs on oil, and on our dependence on it. A device which could produce free energy, would liberate humanity in so many ways, and it would also save the enviorment. Mabye this development can be done independently of our system, or mabye we have to change the structure of our society first. I think that to be able to see a global change in terms of free energy, organic food, and a moneyless society with art and other forms of talents and expressions as a currency instead, we have to be able to shift our eoconomy and our global development of technology. As long as this is not done on a global scale, it will be quite hard i think, to develop sustainable soceities which has clean water, free energy, education, and all the other technologies which are needed. It would atleast be allot easier for this to come true, if we would get the majority of the people on this planet along with the change. And again, this could probably be done in many ways, and it IS being done, but it all really falls back towards where the money is concentrated. People are in allot of ways trapped by the system, and the problem is that the alternatives are very few at the moment, and that is excactly because the money and the development of technology is controlled by the few, at the expense of the many.
Tuesday 18 August 2015, 11:55:41
In regards with those who developed free energy and killed for their inventions, EVERY one of these folks used the wrong outlets for trying to share these inventions with the public: the government and the media. We now have the internet, though a lot of sites are deleting good info trying to be shared out there, many other outlets still exist- including this one. We just need to continue to bring our ideas together to figure ways out of this mess. The UBUNTU communities out there are doing very well, but they still have to depend on money for now for supplies and such- as we all do. I've visited their U.S. page and it says their goal is to create 5 UBUNTU communities across the U.S. ea year. I had to laugh at that with the fact that anyone trying to live sustainably on their own (and sharing their info online or with others) are being raided and having everything poisoned so as can not be used or confiscated. All this is being done because of Monsanto & their wish to control ALL land use and agriculture within the U.S. 1st before moving into other countries. Though this has already spread into CA, AU, NZ, and across Europe. Even in Thailand, they are trying to destroy the rice crops to begin growing GMO rice. All of these countries are in the TPP.
Wednesday 19 August 2015, 00:56:01
yup, as tellinger said it himself, the money got in the way. wow, i didn't know people's actions for eoconomical independence was brutalized and supressed to that degree.. thats pretty alarming. But, if, as you said earlier, we would all pull ourselves out of the system all at once, it would be to many gardens to poison, and to many homes to raide. The fact that money makes it harder to create abundance, and that abundance does not reflect the private, corporate interest, is an unquestionable fact. The question though, is how we can gain the indepence, and create the planetary utopian civilization needed, WITHOUT beeing blocked by the same system we are seeking our indepence from, when at the same time, to actually create abudance, we are totally dependent on buying these technologies and infrastructures from "the system" with real money in the first place? My point is that we should notice, and influence our surroundings as much as possible, and the change we are trying to seek, should be a reform inside the frames of our society.
Wednesday 19 August 2015, 02:06:02
Wednesday 19 August 2015, 02:06:04
The thing with the poisoning and confiscations/ takeovers of people's land use rights are because people do not know their rights in the first place. Those who are or will be raided are those who share info on what they are doing on mainstream outlets, particularly facebook; in which the NSA/FDA have a stronghold on surveillance. Everyone pulling out at once will mean the powers that be will have no power over anyone. They have already lost and now, they are so blinded by fear and anger they are unable to hide the truth anymore. This is why you see them demanding all these horrible acts against humanity now and so people are saying "Wait a minute, what did he/she just say??!!!? This is the main reason for the mass awakening. Everyone is finally seeing what the government is all about. Obama keeps trying to start WWIII by nagging Russia, though we see he just gets more angry and shows his true self when Putin doesn't give into his demands. Putin said that Obama is looking like a kid begging for candy and not getting what he wants, he starts whining.. he ignores this. The elite are so scared of us because 1, we outnumber them, 2 we have innate abilities and powers they do not want us to find out about- hence why they are trying everything in their power to keep us from awakening fully. All the laws they keep trying to pass and such are only going to be followed by the sheeple, as they do not apply to anyone. We NEVER showed our consent so they do not apply. Go to This is how we can gain back our innate rights from the banksters who rule the world. Any country that has a federal banking system in it- which I believe is ALL by now, everything in this system applies. We just have to review the laws of our own lands to see how to go about handling ea situation. It can be done.
Wednesday 19 August 2015, 03:18:48
Also, NO confiscations or anything will be done until WE THE PEOPLE buy into whichever false flag event they try to plan to take over the world. The financial system will NOT collapse until the false flag event has been secured and they know it will be successful 100%. They have thus far been unable to, which is why we continue to see all these false flag events every month or so now. They are very badly orchestrated, which is the major sign of how desperate they are and are losing their stronghold. All they are doing now is scrambling to keep track of everyone through surveillance and poisoning of our food, water, and skies. They have no other way now.
Wednesday 19 August 2015, 03:24:22
Very true.. i guess we will never have an honest monetary system, as long as most of the "federal" banks in the world are linked to private ownership. If banks where owned by and for the people, or owned by a trusted government, both the taxes and the interest would be payed directly to public funding, AND most importantly, there would be no manufactured inflations, deflations or collapses in general. It does seem like there will be a "last" huge, global, financial meltdow, probably manufactured, but also because the dollar is still backed by Oil and so fort. When the oil, as it is down, is heading down to much in value, the banksters will probably pull all their fundings/stocks out of the marked, and mabye overprint the dollar, create huge amounts of chaos amongst the masses, to then offer them the solutions: A new, more centralised, new world order, probably with one global currency, run, controlled and manipulated by the elite. This is basicly their plan, as i have understood it. This, ofcourse, includes depopulation, more wars, contaminaited foodsupply and so on. So, ye, to just pull out seems like a good idea, at least IF the markeds and our soceity in general would collapse by themselves in a short period of time. But before that, i think it is important to atleast try to change the structure of our society in our favour as much as possible, before that structure dismantles by itself.
Wednesday 19 August 2015, 10:42:03
Now instead of down btw x)
Wednesday 19 August 2015, 10:42:54
As long as there are money and banks, especially taxes involved, there will always be one or more entities wanting to gain power and control over this. With paying taxes, you will have to have this being always consistent, which is why everyone is forced into labor to pay these taxes. We could live in peace in an anarchic system, where everyone can give ideas and there is real collaboration and working together to create whatever we need. The majority of what this consumer society is based on we do not need and never did. In the way of changing the structure of society, I think each of us need to find ways in obtaining/ creating that which we will need to live and prosper- to get these things from falling into the control of the powers that be. I think we won't be able to do this until the majority of people wake up enough to realize they need to stop going to their Drs, taking prescriptions meds, and eating GMO foods. These seem to be the main groups in control trying to pass more laws of banning everything we need to live to remain dependent on the system. I feel there needs to be a better way than just having to hide everything we create/ obtain from the powers that be, though I'm at a loss as to how. Writing to your governments isn't gonna do a damn thing because they do not care and are bought and paid for. All are mind controlled as well. I have already tried this route and all you get are these computer generated, stock letters about why they support the very things we don't want and are trying to stop
Thursday 20 August 2015, 08:51:36
Yep, thats a huge problem, but trough a net based democracy, we would easilly be able to make the banks federal instead of private. Then, there wouldn't be any way to gain "allot" of money, as you would be hired by the state to control the money supply etc. The interest paid on your loan, could go directly to public funding, instead of forcing debt upon the people. Ye, i can see how taxes atleast in the US have bad reputation, when the taxes brought upon the people are being spendt on military and other forms of technology, only to further enslave and control the american people trough warfare, spying and so on. This is why an falseflag operation is so extremly effective for the elite: The public now HAS to give half of their income towards developing the military, the public HAS to be under surviliance 24/7, and the public has to accept their ability to live and breathe as human beings being taken away from them, step by step. And all this, ofcourse, "only for the good of the people." So, it is very understandable that allot of people, not only in the US, but also in other parts of the world, are critical towards taxation of the population.
BUT if you rather focus the taxes towards what is ethicly wrong, such as fastfood coorporations, arms industry,
Saturday 22 August 2015, 13:03:22
Saturday 22 August 2015, 13:03:26
the alchohol and ciggarette industry, and all the other industries that are destructive and harmful towards humanity and our planet, we would make it unprofitable to produce weapons and start wars, we would make it unprofitable to cut down the rainforest to feed cattle for hamburgers, we would make it unprofitable for huge oilcompanies to destroy the ocean floor and pollute the atmosphere, we could make it unprofitable for large clothing corporations to use child labour, and for suger industries, and others such as monsanto and big pharma to poision the people. Why are we going to allot this?? When we the people have ALL the power. When we the people are the fundamental pillars which holds this whole destructive system together. We could globally vote Isreal and Palestine to become one state, and we could spend all those taxes on developing sustainable communities, which eventually would be able to function without money, and therefore would end global poverty. What does a democracy mean if we cant choose weather or not it should be in some people's best interest to support the destruction of the planet we live on? What does liberty mean, if we are not allowed to influence the decisions of wether or not these huge corporations are supposed to me furtherly centralized or not? It means that the only real choise we have in this world, at this moment, is the choiche between pepsy and coke and paper or plastic.
Saturday 22 August 2015, 13:12:13
So again, about the taxes and forced labour: IF we taxate the destructive industries, the labourforces in these corporations would have to be fired and get new jobs, which would be a huge problem, but; if we simentaniosly created new industries by spending the money from the taxes on creating good and renewable energy sources, good technology, fighting poverty, letting people become more sustaniable etc, the workers who then lost their job in the evil/bad industry, could directly be transefered to a new and more positive industry. The thing is, that the planet we live on, has more than enough for everybody, the only thing is that allot of the resources are concentrated amongst the few, and are in general spendt in an unustainable way.. again because this in itself is profitable for some, but does not profit the entire population. And the irony of it all, is that it doesn't really profit the "profiteers" neither..
Saturday 22 August 2015, 13:19:52
[deleted user]
The easy solution is to take all the shadow cabal, heads of corporations, corrupt MPs out into a large field and shoot the bastards. Problem solved.......For people who say that violence is not the solution then wait until a riot stick is just about to smash your skull in and try to start a peaceful dialogue with the psycho para military police office. They don't care about us and we should be the same with them. We are 7 billion and they would amount to a tiny fraction of that. Game over! The human race can then enter the 4th dimension heading towards the fifth....
Saturday 22 August 2015, 13:20:03
[deleted user]
I forgot the pope and major religious leaders...... ;-)
Saturday 22 August 2015, 13:26:30
I really understand what you are saying spike, but one should try to grasp the function of karma, before going out to kill another person. But again, if killing one person, or 13 families for that matter, would mean to SAVE humanity, mabye the outcome would have been different. Then again, i dont think natural law is realitve, i think it certainly applies do everyone no matter what. If though, we would break down their grid, with both informing people, and changing the concentration of wealth by the internet, voilence wouldn't be needed.
Saturday 22 August 2015, 13:50:01
haha, okay then. Lets say that killing would be the best solution.. wouldn't it then be best to agree upon who deserved to die and who not by a global, net based democracy?
Saturday 22 August 2015, 13:52:06
[deleted user]
This is just my view and i am but one amongst billions. Let the people decide. Shooting may be the most humane way once the sheeple realise that it's all a big lie......
Saturday 22 August 2015, 15:56:09
two words that will stop their plans on EVERYTHING: Simple Sabotage. This is an actual US military training manual, on how to sabotage tanks, corporations, etc. Using every kind of material available. It's available in audiobook or pdf format in the public domain. These are simple military tactics from which I learned from watching every episode of MacGyver growing up lol. I see a damn UN/ military tank coming down my street, I will stop it. Fracking?!? Let's bring down the machinery! Of course now, corporations are run on solely the Cloud/internet.. if you can hack that, shut it down, and not get caught you're golden. I always wished for hackers that could do something on the level of Fight Club- bring down the credit card companies so that everyone would have their debt erased and start over from 0.. never seen one be able to yet. Of course, we would need this with mortgages today.. or the entire debt system.
Sunday 23 August 2015, 05:59:46
Thats a good one one might be sceptical towards breaking the law, but again, the laws are often put in place to protect the elite and corporations themselves.
Sunday 23 August 2015, 10:16:27
[deleted user]
Just don't advertise it Kya..... ;-)
Sunday 23 August 2015, 11:08:06
There are a lot of military and ex-military folks where I live who discuss this stuff all the time. Something to think about when many are condoning those who are serving/ have served.
Sunday 23 August 2015, 13:05:16
Awezome according to James Gililand, there's allot of the military leaders who are actually saying enough is enough. You should both check him out, he has some really profound thoughts and shared experiences about the global awakening and energy shift etc.…
Sunday 23 August 2015, 13:12:42
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