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if there is one holographic cell of grey mater left [...]

Bregi, Primorsko-goranska županija
via The Full Circle Project
if there is one holographic cell of grey mater left in your brains i simply begging you on my knees while im crying in full wish of understanding things that we were thinking are impossible to exist, that you look this guy and everything what his has to say.
im begging you with all force that is inside me.
pleas look this and be open to every possibility.
caos muchacos
Luke Flegg
Hi Janta,
Friday 14 August 2015, 19:18:14
[deleted user]
hi there. how are you men?
Friday 14 August 2015, 19:19:38
Luke Flegg
It's an incredibly long video. Is there anything shorter to give me a taste of what you're talking about? My life is full of things I think are inspiring and important. Also, the picture effects and titles feel a bit naff/distracting unfortunately though it's also kinda epic and fun
Friday 14 August 2015, 19:19:48
[deleted user]
tell me luke............
Friday 14 August 2015, 19:21:03
[deleted user]
if you see beautiful girl on the end of the street, if you wanna meet here wright now you will have to make some steps. dont you?
Friday 14 August 2015, 19:22:49
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