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I would like to know how many here have been [...]

Louisville, Kentucky
via The Full Circle Project
I would like to know how many here have been noticing low, circling planes over your neighborhoods? I've been seeing more and more on a nightly basis on either side of the highway and roads I travel coming home from work. I get off work at 4am EST. I also only see these planes on nights that are clear- no spraying has occurred. I check the website regularly and none of these planes show up on radar.

I found somewhere that certain communities are seeing just one or two planes at the same time almost daily and that the chemtrails have aluminum particles in them just to make certain planes undetectable on radar. People who are seeing these planes are contacting their local state government offices and even they cannot get answers when they try to find out what they are for.

Tonight, the ones I saw had a red light on one wing and blue light on the other along with the normal white lights of the plane. I think the reason there are so many around my area is that the UPS Worldport is not too far away so they think people won't notice. I also notice police helicopters flying in the same redundant patterns as well, though these are off in the distance behind my house. Maybe more towards Fort Knox?
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