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Federal Reserve, Geoengineering, Forced Vaccination, Freedom [...]

Westerville, Ohio
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Federal Reserve, Geoengineering, Forced Vaccination, Freedom
What are your concerns/thoughts/ideas about these topics?
Thursday 13 August 2015, 12:07:06
I feel that local currencies are one of the answers to the illegal Fed. Bartering is sound policy also. I hope to find community somewhere in this world as none exists where I live. Lots of tired sick people. So sad.
Thursday 13 August 2015, 23:39:58
Money is a simplified form of barter and in and of itself, not a bad system, although I'd use hemp paper and images of nature instead of politicians. It's how it's abused that is causing massive grief. It does seem that there are many tired, sick folk about, but even in my very rural, hickish Village as I talk one on one with any who come into my sphere, I find discontent seeking answers (except in the very old who just want to be left in peace). I've found an open smile is often all I need to start a conversation that often leads to topics close to my heart. Really listening helps clue me in on which way to go. Don't give up on your locals, you can really make a difference! And when you weary of your efforts, you can come here and get rejuvenated. Peace and Love
Friday 14 August 2015, 10:58:19
Bartering outside of a taxing system is more what I envision. If you woke up tomorrow and all paper $ was gone would you simply lay down and die? Everything else would still be here. What we need is more desire, creativity, compassion. I thrive on helping people wherever I can. No paper $ needed, be there for me when I need a helping hand in return. This world lacks trust by design, isolationism. Abundance doesn't understand the need for $ to have food, shelter or clothing. This world belongs to all of us and cannot be owned by the 1%. (or less than). $ is not necessary, makes no sense to me. We were all born slaves to the debt machine. Pure EVIL.
Saturday 15 August 2015, 01:27:15
I agree with all of what you're saying with the exception of blaming the $. It's how anything is used, not the implement itself. A knife is a useful tool and necessary, in the wrong hands it is a murder weapon. It makes no sense to me to try and re-invent the wheel, but seems much wiser to make sure those utilizing the wheel don't run folk over with it. Money does not make debt or taxes, greedy people do. Until people realize that their desires are at the root of this mess, it won't change. The 1% wouldn't be around if the 99% weren't supporting them!
Saturday 15 August 2015, 11:49:57
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