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As of September 6th, 2015 I AM located on Baker [...]

Amherst, Massachusetts
via The Full Circle Project
As of September 6th, 2015 I AM located on Baker Rd. in Shutesbury, MA so the Amherst area in the Pioneer Valley is where my local connections with people involved in The Full Circle Project are based. Initial goal is to form a "switchboard" hub for holding political representatives accountable for all legislation passed on any level marked with their "yes" vote. Replication of such hubs is to be promoted actively via the Community Connector of The Full Circle Project. Let us all AWAKEN together as the One People of Earth! The I AM in me is the same I AM in you... Namaste', Lamplighter
Wonderful to make your acquaintance Lamplighter. I spent 32 years of my adult life in Massachusetts, most recently in Newburyport but have relocated to Uruguay. Keep up the good work and keep that heart chakra fully engaged. Wave X will bring consciousness to all very soon...I do believe and I AM with you energetically!
Wednesday 12 August 2015, 15:55:13
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