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Bregi, Primorsko-goranska županija
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what will we create when we understand that we are ALL THAT EXIST?

chemtrails............aluminium, barium, strontium, nano particles of evolving metal dust from some of ours universe friends who loves robotics, morgelons on our planet.........
when you have intention to kill almost all of us because you see that those you control starts step by step to see that they are controlled by you just because you convinced them in every aspect you could invented from the moment each of them started to exist in this place that they believe that they are controlled by someone because that is only way that they invent controlling of themselves like only possible manifestation of control. and in some case if someone of them starts to disbelieve you enter a program who says that those who dont believe you want them to believe in death which will come upon them in order that they manifest a reality which will suits your needs for particular energy which you are feed by them in that way because they will create that kind of reality in the way that they will be terminated by if they start to oppose you by any mean. and you create so horrible invention about what is death, that they are so so so so afraid of it that they never question what if death is something else not that what that someone is telling me it is because you know that your plan will be doomed if they understand that life is an illusion manifested by their thoughts and death is just cross over to one of infinite realities that are created by of bling of an eye of those who you want to believe in your control. because you..........LIKE MAIN CHIEF OF CONTROLLING EVERYTHING THAT EXIST..... are shith in your own pant because you DONT KNOW WHEN WILL COME A DAY AND YOU WILL BE LEAVED WITHOUT ALL GOLD THAT YOU ARE CAREFULLY ACCUMULATING FOR THE MOMENT YOU KNOW FOR YOURSELF. and you are so despaired about coming of that they that you are furious to invent more and more and more way how to convict those around you that they fill somehow at least thousand times more fear then you. because you are shiting in your pant so much every day that YOU WANT THAT THEY TOO DO THIS, SO THAT YOU CAN FILL JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE COMFORTABLE THEN YOUR SHEEP'S AND YOU ARE SO JOYFUL ABOUT YOUR SELF THAT YOU KNOW HOW TO CONVINCED THEM IN ALL YOU CONVINCED THEM.
but you know that nothing last forever. so you need more pure kokain from equador to not shit in you pant during of billdeberg meting which will occur any moment, and especially not during your satanic ritual when you will cut in to pieces some baby and drink her blood and pray your satan to cam and rescue you in one more attempt to stop shiting in your pant.
because one question is melting you down all the time.........
WHAT IF THEY FIND OUT?????????????????????????????
that all is an illusion which they manifest by believing in it.
o my satannnnnnnnnnnnn. what if thay find out??????????
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. im doomed everything else is another way of programming you in to fear of death.
you cant terminate anything. because everything creates endless illusions of manifestations of everything. and you are not terminating anything but terminating any kind of illusion.
atoms have no solidity. proven two centuries ago.
particles communicating instantly if they are thousand miles away because there is no space between them. proven two centuries ago.
particles also doesnt exist anthill they are observed. until then they are waves of frequency.

all this what you see exist when you open your eyes and when sun shines. when there is no sun we call this dark. dont we? but in that dark nothing exist what exist when sun shines? and in the dark we say we have dreams. what are dreams? maybe other realities which all of you the same way like you get hungry. it just happens
did you not figured out this jet?
im so corious
love to all.
are cutting edge science has been measured force between gravity and electricity.....and they find out that electricity is thousand thousand thousand million times more powerful of gravity.
but they also checked energy field of the hart....just by the way..............nothing to worry about............but they could not publish that because of Rothschild foundlings.
im so curious why?
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