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PREPPING>>> For when S H T F. I often view [...]

Chesterfield, Derbyshire
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PREPPING>>> For when S H T F. I often view videos of preppers in the USA and Canada and i envy them. Let's face it, there is a lot of land out there where you can just get away. Then you have access to guns, i know Canada has tighter regulations. In the event of S H T F then any bug out spot or food can be guarded within reason. Here in the UK, mainly England there isn't much space and where there is space it's owned by some farmer or lordly estate. I've seen videos of preppers in the UK hoarding food and supplies and i hope that it works out for you all. My take on this is that you'd be confined to the house or shelter as people outside may just notice that you look healthy whereas they are starving. I predict cannibalism within 3 days of KFC and burger chains going down, ha ha....How are these people going to protect their stash? There are guns in the UK but regulations make Stalinist doctrine seem tame. Many people own air guns but lets face it, these are limited for self defence. I'd be interested if any preppers have opinions on this topic. My take is that i'm going to head for the moors, North Derbyshire has open spaces and some of the moors have tree cover. Foraging for food is possible and even small game hunting, there are also rives and streams for water. Of course filtration systems are required here as you never know what's going on up stream. This afternoon i'm off to recce out a spot West of town on a moor in an area with trees and maybe a brook? The idea is to see what wild edibles are available and also to see if there are rabbits, wood pigeons, grey squirrels etc. There are deer in the area but that'd be a choice if i was really starving. I may have upset some folk there. Thanks for reading my literary mumblings and if any one has any views then please reply. Unless i get shot by a gamekeeper or abducted by the men in black then i'll be back in a few days. Peace.
Nice post,I agree with you about hoarding food, my take is the same as yours, head for the hills, I have been learning what weeds you can eat and expanding my limited foraging knowledge. Also check out a guy on you tube called andrew Norton webber he talks about urine therapy. This is also a good option and no need to look for water.
Tuesday 11 August 2015, 17:20:15
Dale of the Weald
I've been putting a bug- out- bag together, but most of the information about the best items to take with you seem mostly relevant to the U.S, different climate, demographics and fire arm/hunting laws. I'm not a big fan of hoarding food and supplies, that makes an easy target for desperate people. I think i would prefer to keep moving (on foot. Working vehicles are also a target) and live off the land as much as possible, although having little experience of this, only what i've learned from books and videos.....i don't know how far i would get!
Tuesday 11 August 2015, 21:13:13
there a couple website and plenty info on youtube about edible weeds, like dandy lions ,dockweeds, clover etc. couple of the better ones I find are `eat the weeds` and a guy called markus rothkrantz. the more we learn the more we will be able to find food, not necessarily hunt it but just to learn what plants and berries are edible. Also to remember what to look for in smell and taste for the ones that are not so good. The main thing to think is walk away from what you have. If you try to protect or keep anything I think you are opening yourself up to someone taking from you and by keeping on the move as you said Dale of the Weald. Im hoping we don't get to that point but good to know what to do if it does happen.
Tuesday 11 August 2015, 23:34:32
You can actually stay where you are. The key is to make your home look as unappealing to those as possible to those who'd want to invade. If you put up noticeable alarm systems, keep a nice landscape and home, those will be the first to be invaded because they scream "I've got money!!" Here in the US, and this will happen also in CA, the UK, & Australia (where the governments are all on the same agenda), martial law will be declared and confiscations will begin. If you choose to stay put, you eat like everyone else- just enough for energy & health as you don't want to look like you have anything. And HIDE everything where the government will not look. Also, there's safety in numbers. I see alot of communities joining together to protect one another. In times of crisis, people do come together in the most unexpected ways. The governments, media, and survivalist/prepper sites try to keep people in fear and pin people against each other. If we are to overcome this system, we do not react to violence with violence. When people realize that they don't have to panic, stay calm and in their homes- martial law CANNOT be enacted and their plans go down the drain. This is why awakening others is so imperative right now. The governments will not let anything collapse without a FALSE FLAG EVENT that everyone will need to buy into so they can then enact martial law. Do not give the government or television ANY attention whatsoever. When the people do not give in to what the governments want, which according to their plan: is to beg for the New World Order after martial law is enacted and communities are destroyed; We WILL be FREE of the system once it collapses. Martial law has not been enacted thus far because too many are awake and no one's buying into their crap anymore. This is why they are afraid of US. Their fear is shown in all of the world right now and it's crazy town, which is why more and more of us are awakening. They cannot hide anything anymore. All research across the internet right now is having ALL the truths coming out that they've hidden from us so long. They have already LOST control.
Wednesday 12 August 2015, 07:25:17
Good comment kya , how bad are things at the moment in th US . It's hard to tell when in a different country . On the surface here in uk things are ok for now but times are getting harder and people struggling more and more financially. The good thing is though the tighter things get the more people wake up. It's hard to imagine martial law and how things will be . It's also hard to think of staying peaceful during this time.
Wednesday 12 August 2015, 10:50:03
Being in the good ole state of Kentucky, nothing is happening here other than the low vibrations of the earth, chemtrail bombardment, & GMO foods affecting the people around me. Not many people here are awake & it's scary how people are even driving now! You can tell at these moments how bad people are being affected by all of this. I truly believe I reside in the safest state by far from the rest. Laws have been changing for more & more control all around me in other states, such as Indiana, West Virginia, Tennessee, & South Carolina. The latter 3 states are becoming more like California now. As for Tennessee, it's filled with awakened spirits so I believe nothing will happen there. It's Jade Helm that is having it's hooks in the southwestern states right now & I see Texas fighting back with all their might against anything that comes. The west is still having droughts & has reached the midwest, though just east of that we've been getting lots of chemtrails and rain just after. Trees are beginning to die around me more but many more are surviving & even growing strong. I am without fear now and wait for the day when the system collapses so that I may leave my home not worrying about bills and be free to travel & help others in need. I believe that when the system goes down, that is our time to become truly free of this construct in our world for good.
Wednesday 12 August 2015, 20:30:28
Just remember that as hard as this life will get, we all need to remain calm, strong in ourselves, and only act out of love. Rid yourself of all fear and remain balanced. Meditation helps the best with this and also occurs when you sleep. You can tell yourself, as speaking to your conciousness, how you wish to feel and you can ask about what your purpose is and who you are. As you keep doing this, all fear will melt away and will be replaced by love.
Wednesday 12 August 2015, 20:36:44
good that you are strong Kya and good to know some trees are growing strong too, it shows the power of nature and how it can fix itself. Very sad how the US is though and if you can tell by the way people are driving, it shows how asleep many are. And also that the majority of the rest of the world are not even aware of whats going on. Also i too would like to see a time when we can travel and help others in a free world.
Wednesday 12 August 2015, 23:01:14
Yes Sue, I myself know that I will travel the world, but at a later time not too far in the future when we will all be connected to where we help each other along the way- NO PASSPORTS NEEDED! Very few trees are dying around me and saw that much are still growing stronger! It was amazing, beautiful & an overnight change!! I feel like this may be from all those awakened souls out there sending their light & love into the universe, as we truly need to do right now and as much as we can. In the way people are driving, it's more to do with all the external elements making everyone sick and absent minded. So many people here are getting cancer & do not know how to heal themselves naturally. Many only believe whatever medical doctors tell them, including my mother. She still tries to get me to go back to the doctor even though I do not need it. I did become very sick myself from the environment, my immune system was VERY weak & I could not breathe most of the time. I used to not be allergic to anything and found I was allergic to EVERYTHING in nature!! I hated this, as I've always felt a part of the earth. This led me to further research & awakening in learning to heal myself naturally. I still have to have daily Vitamin C to counteract the effects with chemtrails but other that I'm back to myself. I am DEFINITELY more in tune with what is going on in the environment with the chemtrails always trying to keep my energy and mind bogged down to where it is hard to meditate in raising my vibrations. I typically remain polarized towards love, as that is how I've always been, but I get more mood swings at times & have to work harder to remain balanced
Thursday 13 August 2015, 10:17:52
[deleted user]
I've been eaten by the local insect population and "Smidge" which i used in Scotland in June had little effect. The place i set up my hammock had a bilberry patch about 50 square metres with some berries available,, wild strawberry were scattered around, there were oak, beach and scots pine. I saw plenty of wood pigeons and evidence of squirrels chewing the pine cones, even if i didn't see any but the tawny owls may have something to do with that. There was a running water source which goes on to form the river hipper. Making a shelter would be easy as the place is totally over grown and mostly covered with ferns, with heather on the outer fringes. It would be a place to consider as a base but long term survival would be difficult. Setting snares would be essential deeper in the trees as the pheasants were calling on and off but the peregrine falcon that keep flying past the fringes and then circling over the fields and moor kept them and the pigeons hiding. As for my first two nights in a hammock, it was different and i do much prefer my tent or tarp set up. Next try will be up on Stanton Moor near the Nine Ladies standing stones but a little deeper into the trees. Peace.
Thursday 13 August 2015, 23:50:11
[deleted user]
I forgot to mention all the sheep on the moor but these would be fair game if the S H T F. I did hear a strange call in the night which i believed was either a fallow or red deer. Apparently red deer are now on Beeley Moor and the bird i watched hunting may have been a hobby which would make sense seeing as it was kestrel size, i'm not really a bird watcher. There was definitely a common buzzard in the area and the tawny owls are unmistakable at night.
Friday 14 August 2015, 00:11:32
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