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Cayenne, Cayenne
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I would love to be in a community or build something but I am quite alone in my part of the world (look at the map). There is so much to do here. Somebody would like to join us here or do you have any advice... Je lance un appel à la communauté française, il y a de la place pour tout le monde ici qui aurait envie de participer. La communication en français est difficile et je serai heureuse de communiquer avec des gens ouverts qui ont des nouvelles idées.
I have a lot of dots around me but none seem actively participating. It's frustrating but I trust this will change and momentum will grow. Much love,
Tuesday 11 August 2015, 21:08:00
i hope so jason. peony keep searching, you'll always find what you need
Wednesday 12 August 2015, 02:47:38
There are so many people in South America who are gathering together. Mostly in Uraguay that I've found. The majority of those of outside of the corrupt governments are living from their heart & with love already. I want so much to move to South America, as I have felt suffocated for most of my life here in the states. As a wanderer, not sure how many on this site are familiar with this; I am of a higher density and have volunteered to be re-incarnated on this planet at this time to help others through this time. My full intuition has come back to me and I somehow believe that I need to remain here at this time to help those once the system collapses. I know that when it does, there is only a very short period to reach others in helping while they are still in a state of confusion before they begin acting out. This will be in either love or fear. I still feel the pull to come to South America, as I feel it is my home and would like to travel it in it's entirety. Especially to help with the renewal of the rainforests. I'm not sure how it is where you are at, but here in the US, the government/ FDA/ banks who run the world have a strong foothold in our country for thousands of years. Every Native culture here has been decimated, with land always being taken away and has been under government/ private control ever since. I do not see how we can live outside of the system here, with building alternate communities, when land has ALWAYS been confiscated. The Amish communities have also been ambushed & raided by the governments. ANYONE trying to live sovereign has been attacked, children taken away from them, etc. It is truely hell on earth here right now. The only thing I see right now, is to find land that realtors/landowners/governments do not own and escape to and build homes from the earth/ cob houses, grown our own food. This cannot happen here, however until after the system collapses and realtors and banks do not own anything. The government here will go into hiding. You are definitely not alone there, Peony, there are MANY who are there just as you are who live in love and peace.
Wednesday 12 August 2015, 08:23:50
Bonjour! Ma francais c'est horrible mais ma couer dit parle les mots d'encouragement! Jason, I too wonder some that interaction seems as hard as action to most, but have faith that as we start to believe more in ourselves we will be more able to reach out to one another.
Wednesday 12 August 2015, 12:54:51
Thank you everybody it is great to feel that I am not really alone. Don't discourage Jason we all need each others and especially in this time-period. I understand what you feel I have some ideas too but in facts it is not easy to build something without the support of others. HOw
Wednesday 12 August 2015, 14:08:14
Community means in common or jointly so we must put ourselves together. Where I am there are so different people from everywhere in the world, it is not easy dealing with the differences sometimes I learned a lot. For me it is a life lesson here. I still have a lot to learn maybe now I just still have to learn patience sorry for my english mistakes (I meant don't get discouraged Jason)
Wednesday 12 August 2015, 14:17:11
I wanted to reach out to anyone who may feel alone and offer support. The control grid requires our attention and participation. I'm simply ready to form a tribe and get this show on the road. I've an abundant amount of patience and love for us all to see how this evolves. Furthermore, I've a few exciting projects on the go that are absorbing my free time. In Lak'ech friends.
Wednesday 12 August 2015, 23:24:05
Jason, I just read your profile and know exactly where you're coming from w/ human services/medical/anything societal to "help people" in the system. I obtained a BS in Human Services/management & could not find a job after. I was told "we need someone they can train". Evidently I truly wanted to help others and realized just how messed up the system really is. I feel very much alone here in the U.S., although there are very many lovely people where I live; many are not awake as in they choose to live their lives to the fullest to what they deem is Joy for them and ignore the negative. This brings me hope, as I see that these souls will become love & light entities during the shift when they awaken. The fact that they are not already acting horrible towards others is a wonderful sign, as they are not acting out of fear at all
Thursday 13 August 2015, 10:02:16
Kya, I'm seeing more and more being able to have some of this conversation. I've been planting seeds of truth for some time now and sense a surge in interest. Most of us are at various stages of "awakening" and participation in reality. Good to see others on here are feeling the same. Look me up if you're in the corporate plantation of Canada. namaste
Thursday 13 August 2015, 22:26:09
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