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chemtrails over Nantwich..., bast****s!!! gorgeous blue sky this morning....guess what now [...]

Crewe, Cheshire East
via The Full Circle Project
chemtrails over Nantwich..., bast****s!!!
gorgeous blue sky this morning....guess what now almost white goo haze
Today was one of the worst days this year, regarding geoengineering. August 14th, Dane Wigington.
Tuesday 11 August 2015, 09:26:13
I live in Cheshire which is supposed to called leafy Cheshire,,
Tuesday 11 August 2015, 09:46:29
my plants , trees and flowers are all dying, just emailed my local MP , still no response
Tuesday 11 August 2015, 09:47:09
Northeast Coast of the US getting hit really hard for the past 2 months, pretty much daily. I've called everyone from air traffic control to the Governor to the Military and no one is saying anything, I even tried the local news station and they didn't know and expressed no interest in finding out. Grrrrrrr!
Tuesday 11 August 2015, 09:51:38
they really are evil, funny though when my local MP goes to the houses of Parliament in London, its always worse, when he is local in our town, they cease,,,, go figure
Tuesday 11 August 2015, 09:53:31
[deleted user]
Chesterfield had Scottish Saltires all over the sky earlier, it's all that whispy cloud now.
Tuesday 11 August 2015, 10:03:58
gaynor, I've been sending photo's and emails to my MP via writetothem and he contacted the department for transport. the reply from them was, er, what you'd expect...its ALL JUST VAPOUR that's ok, then. I've forwarded the reply to FCP so should be available to view at some point...EVERYONE should contact, and keep contacting, their MP's. Not because it'll make a great big difference, but it lets THEM know they are being watched by US!!!
Tuesday 11 August 2015, 16:57:10
will do, I just found out some more MPs in my area, so going to bombard them every week,
Tuesday 11 August 2015, 17:02:26
dave holly
i've documented evidence of us being "continuously" spayed over the Ashbourne area since the 9th of june's helped to wake my sister up mind, every cloud n all that ;-)
Thursday 15 October 2015, 19:39:00
hey I know, we have our caravan up at carsington water caravan club site, been going there for 6 years and this last year was terrible there,
Thursday 15 October 2015, 19:52:23
dave holly
look me up next time you're at carsington and we'll meet up over a pint at the knockerdown
Thursday 15 October 2015, 20:05:20
your on
Thursday 15 October 2015, 20:06:52
dave holly
Thursday 15 October 2015, 20:07:18
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