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our earth started as a paradise right - natural harmony, [...]

Loganlea, Queensland
via The Full Circle Project
our earth started as a paradise right - natural harmony, self healing. if we're needing to use chemicals (some of which may not be naturally occurring in the environment) to prevent/hide certain effects of our current hazardous production or to heal the damage we have caused (whatever excuse their using to justify chemtrails, extreme poisons to overkill bugs for hereditary effects on humans) then shouldn't we be looking at the process not just cover it up with more processes (make plastic toy, create waste, dump the waste outside, land infertile people complain, pipe the waste to closer river, wildlife die people complain, bottle the waste and drop in further in the sea , , , - stop making the toy that way.. ) so why cant most of the people except we should be trying to go back to paradise, and performing those actions immediate. one action could be taking down at lease one adjoining fence in suburban areas and create community garden strips, so just walk three houses up follow the garden he'll have all the tomatoes for your dinner collect a carrot or whatever on your way back because you happen to grow, for who knows why, all the vegetables you don't like to eat.
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