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Good work on their part, you always know when there [...]

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Good work on their part, you always know when there is a media balckout…
wow, yea didn't catch anything fro the news in france about that one.. i wonder what the cartel's response will be...
Thursday 26 May 2016, 22:19:56
Yer there was nothing in the england either!
Friday 27 May 2016, 20:34:30
hmm, haven't kept up with it today, but the last 2-3 days have been hit as hard as i've seen it in the south of france as far as sky blocking chemtrails are concerned!
Friday 27 May 2016, 20:55:32
Umm not seen so much in England but it has been very cloudy so difficult to spot
Friday 27 May 2016, 21:00:45
gotcha, not that these things are always 100% correlated, but i'vez just been appalled recently playing tic tac toe in the sky! haha, c'est la merde
Friday 27 May 2016, 21:06:41
Maybe but not sure how that connect to meida blackout of the hacking. But it definitly seems like they are increaing the chemtrails and trying to dumb us down. Not on my watch bud, not on my watch!
Friday 27 May 2016, 21:10:24
i hear ya buddy- best o' luck with your methods
Friday 27 May 2016, 21:13:29
Spred the qword is the best we can do at the moment and prepare people for the collapse
Friday 27 May 2016, 22:38:33
good call
Friday 27 May 2016, 23:14:59
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