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Fellow earthlings... It's time to wake up. We have all been [...]

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Fellow earthlings...

It's time to wake up. We have all been in a golden slumber. A deep sleep in our minds and souls. We have been force fed lies and corruption long enough, and it is about time we take back the world, which truly belongs to us all. Not just the filthy rich 1% whom can do as they bloody please. NO ! The world belongs to us ALL, and we do NOT have to pay to live on a planet, we are born on. That is one of the Oligarch's lies, a corruption of the truth: That we are born free and equal. One of the Oligarch's are, as you may know, The Rothschild family or syndicate as it really is. Let me educate you shortly on the Rothschild's.

We're going to take a modern-day look at this mysterious family, see who they really are and what they really do, and see exactly what evidence there is that shows that they are actually directing world affairs. Why would superpowers such as the United States, Russia, and China willing give up their sovereignty, conducting wars and exerting control over markets according to instructions from above? The answer, according to the believers, is money.
riven by their quest for money, the Rothschilds have been said to assassinate US Presidents, and to create virtually every war since the 1800s in order to finance both sides. Some say the Rothschilds (who are Jewish) caused the Holocaust, while others say they were the true power behind the creation of Israel. They would, and continue, to do anything for money. In fact one of the earliest and most influential Rothschilds, Nathan, is claimed to have said:

"Give me control of a Nation's money supply, and I care not who makes its laws."

But there are many such families, or dynasties at play behind the veils of our everyday normal life, but I am highlighting The Rothschild's as they own half of the worlds wealth.

Were human kind truly belongs and our galctic family...

It is, no longer, a conspiracy to most of us, that we have and still is under observation by numerous of extraterrestrial species. Some are good and some are less good. But NO ONE is as bad as the evil war-mongering Oligarch's we have installed behind our modern day civilizations. None !
And that speaks for itself - doesn't it !
Most UFOs are extraterrestrial of origin and some of them are ARV (Alien Reproducable Vehicles). The military industrial complex have played mankind a psy-op making us believe that ETs are extremly evil by abducting us and molest our live stocks. But that is not the real ETs. The small greys are a product of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and is totally synthetic made in a DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) facility. Some of the technologies aquirred are in fact extraterrestrial and is from the notorius Roswell UFO crash in Mexico. The military Industrial Complex want mankind to believew that all extraterrestrials are malevolent in nature so if there should be a mass sighting or the ETs in some other way should showe themselves, we would call for military intervention. In Fact: It isd our military that is the real enemy since they have been shooting at UFOs since the 40s in an "shoot first, ask later" retrieval operation to getUS military hands on their technology.

Since then a lot has happened. Mankind have awoken to certain global truths and our trust in officials and governments are rapidly decreasing, because a change in our consciousness has taken place, and we are now being helped to see the real truth.
And were do you think the help is comming from ? Where do you think the increasing benevolent energy is comming from ? I say no more - but i rest my case.... Starseed
[deleted user]
I knew a lot but I didn´t know that the Greys were created in a dumb. May I ask where you have this source from? I can imagine this is true though, I know were foolished a lot and I know they make aiens always look bad no matter how the truth is, we need
to look with open eyes and mind through this, that is for sure.
Thursday 26 May 2016, 06:18:23
Go and check the info from the other sources. Be more positive about our reality even if it is not in resonance with you. I also do think that we need to teach masses about that Extraterrestrials are friendly and our governments don't want us to make cocntact because energy and money which we use to buy it would become obsolete. Free energy = free life for everyone. Free from everything. We breath for free, we can have free energy REALY, we can grow our own food. Water is also free, the land to live on should be also free. That is it.
Thursday 26 May 2016, 20:53:49
Get your facts straight about Greys.
Thursday 26 May 2016, 20:56:02
Rob, there are to species of Grey aliens. There a the tall whites and the small greys. They look exactly alike but the height and color. The long white-ish "greys" are the real deal. They have the exact same facial features as the small grey ( small mouth, big almond-shaped eyes etc.) The tall whites are grey but they shine with a dim white light coming from their bodies. This specie is total benevolent and have probably provided the DNA structural basis for the small greys, which are only artificial intelligence and contains no free will. The small greys are working "machines". I've read a lot of books on the alien subject and winessed a lot of lectures. I will say: The main truth is VERY hard to find, because of all the lies, corruption of truth and military industrial intelligence agendas.
I assume that you are familiar with Dr. Steven Greer and his claims that there are no such thing as malevolent aliens out there. It is from him i've gotten the information about the origins of the small greys. The military industrial complex in the United States got a hold on tall greys (let's call them that) DNA through a famous UFO crash in Roswell. From there they replicated flying saucers and created the programmable small greys. Now - this is what i have been told and i am not saying this is the exact 100% truth. But i can easily see why they wanted to create AI with a malevolent agenda. to scare off the mankind and thus "affect" human kinds minds to be afraid af aliens and in the end give government mandates to a military based space defence.

I would like to know your thoughts about this, fear mongering agenda, thst we both know the US military industrial complex is capable of pulling of in big ways that we probably can't even fathom ! I do not think that the "REAL" aliens are evil otherwise we would probably already have been turned to dust because we know "THEY" are here. The questions are who are they ? Where do they come from ? What do they want ?

And for me to get the facts straight about greys would be to let mysekf be convinced about a topic that is, in nature, highly doubtable, since I have never meet with an alien
Tuesday 13 September 2016, 21:38:51
Starseed - The info you got i very interesting. I would encourage you to "get your hands in" thce channelling materials. There you will find information of what "Creation" is and that the Greys are our descendants.
Once again I would encourage you to get more positive way of thinking.
Thursday 15 September 2016, 21:12:47
Michael Sandholm
Great to know that there are somebody near me, that is woken up
Sunday 6 November 2016, 08:52:37
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