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To all of my Long Beach, CA Friends who might [...]

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To all of my Long Beach, CA Friends who might be voting in the coming elections. Here is some info from my Uncle Jerry He sent this to the Press Telegram speak out editor, but it won't make the opinion section of a super liberal paper like this one because it speaks and exposes the truth about the Long Beach Measures on the ballot this year. Please read and share the info. Thanks.
Once again the Long Beach Taxpayers are being asked to ante up on their taxes and pass Measures A & B in June. Why? Because allegedly, the city needs more money to fund the long list of infrastructure and fire and police they need. These are things, of course, every taxpayer would want done with their taxes....popular things... "Motherhood and Apple Pie" kinds of things. And we can trust the politicians because they will have a "steering committee" to guide priorities. Sounds good right?
So what is the catch? You ready?
It turns out there is no wording at all about how the existing monies devoted to infrastructure and new police and fire headcount will be spent. So what happens to that money? Well, the city management are free to spend the current money on anything they would like..... And what they like is paying themselves! Pensions....good pensions. After all, they have a new fund for infrastructure.
If you read in their own report - "FY 15 - FY 17 Financial Update, 3-11-14", they describe a CALPERS pension budget shortfall (unfunded liability) of $948 million. So where do you suppose that money will come from? If you can follow their shell game, you would know. And what is not to like, right?
Gerald Pohl
Long Beach, Taxpayer
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