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Good Monday Morning to All! We have a great community [...]

Woodford, Vermont
via Ubuntu - United States
Good Monday Morning to All! We have a great community ready to give birth to a UBUNTU USA contributism community in Bolton Valley, Vermont.
Much more soon!
[deleted user]
Awesome, thanks Susan
Monday 23 May 2016, 17:33:11
Monday 23 May 2016, 18:13:17
Monday 23 May 2016, 19:31:25
Hey I'm new to the Ubuntu movement, will this be a community where people are living together or not? And if so how could I help
Wednesday 25 May 2016, 14:54:06
[deleted user]
Hey Anthony, welcome. We are not living together but we are collaborating together to make the changes in our world we wish to see. Can you email me what skills you can bring to Ubuntu or what you'd like to do? I"ll find a project where you can help out or wait until a project forms & contact you then. How does this sound? Right now, we can use help with the write in candidates and web design support too. Let me know. Here 's some material so you can share;…
Wednesday 25 May 2016, 15:52:47
I actually have website design experience so Ill email you
Wednesday 25 May 2016, 15:53:58
[deleted user]
Thank you & don't forget to include your contact info as well as all of your skills so I can enter you in the data base. Thank you Anthony. I'm going to email the national coordinator now and let her know you can help out:-)
Wednesday 25 May 2016, 18:32:19
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