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Our group is having regular Focused Prepare For Change Meet-ups. MEETING [...]

Toronto, Ontario
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Our group is having regular Focused Prepare For Change Meet-ups.


Here are some topics that we feel are important to talk about at this Focused PFC Meet-up: (Please feel free to email me with other ideas for additional topics)

Group Meditation (max. 10 min.)

Consensus building on the following five main topics that we have come up with that we would like to be acted upon in our group meetings - We later need your input on more ideas that you personally feel passionate about doing that we can all participate in

1. *Event preparation* - Primary task for us to act on. Prepare documents and action strategies as detailed in the ESG (event support group) guidelines:…: and event updated action plan…

2. External initiatives - Inspire awareness (and/or gain publicity) through marketing campaigns, bill-boards, T-shirts, blogs, videos, social media, blogs, etc.
3. Group therapy - Address issues holding us back from having the greatest possible impact; things that we can do as a group to help an individual
4. Joyful activities - Doing things that bring us joy and inspiration; for example group/individual hugs, dance/motion, vocal/expression, games/roleplay - to be done either in a meet-up or out in public

5. Energy work/meditation - For example group healing, energetic invocations, event amplification, and grid-work eg. Casa Loma, (CN Tower done last year) Decoding Gridwork: Toronto…
The above points can be combined in certain ways as well, which makes it more efficient and/or impactful.

Discuss David’s published article on PFC Network - Kudos to David A post event Action Plan:…

Discuss Steve’s PFC initiatives email

Expand above list of ideas for each of the above five main topics that we can do individually or as a group, to inspire awareness and/or to gain publicity
For example when focusing on the External Initiatives, at the last Meet-up some of the following were brought forward:

- Individually for example standing at a waiting line (like at the grocery store) and starting an inspiring conversation with a friend or stranger (eg. food manipulation (GMO’s, pesticides, etc), chemtrails, etc - anything to make people question reality)
- As a group for example riding the TTC together wearing the same T-shirt with a text on it that can be easily found online, and perhaps combined with one or more specific activities that can then be recorded to be posted on YouTube and linked to a multitude of varying petitions to gain massive interest among a variety of groups of people

Formulate definitive group activities which we can then broadcast out everywhere so anyone who resonates with the idea can come out and participate, regardless of what group someone is associated with, eg. our Joint Group Meet-ups, Facebook posts,

Event Planning: Documents to prepare before ‘The Event’.…

Open/free sharing space time towards the latter part of the evening.

If this resonates with you, and you are interested in joining, please contact me here.

love the initiative and ideas- you've definitely inspired this monkey over here in france! these are great building blocks for any group around the of luck to your group
Sunday 22 May 2016, 13:17:43
yes that was what we were aiming for ... hooray ... thank you so much and good luck on your quest ... Victory of the Light! <3
Monday 23 May 2016, 19:22:01
Saturday 20 August 2016, 23:36:13
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