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The word “free” is going to become meaningless in a [...]

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The word “free” is going to become meaningless in a world without money. The emphasis here is on the word “free”, as related to FREEDOM.

There will be a rapid movement to allow every small town and community to become independent and self sufficient in four areas of basic needs. ELECTRICITY; WATER; HOUSING; FOOD

Work is not going to exist in the way we work today - where most people hate their jobs, but they have to do it because they have to survive and earn "money" to do so. In the UBUNTU communities people will have the freedom to do what they are good at, their passions and talents will be utilised for the benefit of the community and they will be honoured for their contributions by the community. So people will not have jobs, but rather have a LABOUR OF LOVE - LOL.

Every effort will be made to move away from the centralised ESKOM driven electricity and establish a source of new and clean energy for every town. Like solar; hydro; wind; geothermal; gas (methane) and other new previously unknown sources that will become know. Remember that there are other sources of free and renewable energy that we do not even know about, which are being hidden and suppressed by our governments, and the oil and other energy corporations with a vested interest in unimaginable financial gain and huge profits.

Let’s remind ourselves of some of our inalienable rights.

The land belongs to the people, the rivers and the coal in the ground belong to the people. So, why are we paying for water and electricity?

All possible support will be given to the farmers to produce as much organic food as possible for their own community and other communities in their area. The objective is for each community to be able to provide all the food necessary for their own needs and be able to supply other communities with specific needs.

Each community should also have the full spectrum of food and industry that can provide a wide range of products and services to the community and surrounding ones. Like dairy; bakery; chickens; eggs; fishery; bee hives; building material production; saw mill; metal works; healthcare centre; sports and recreation, and more. Discuss this with others and see how simple all the solutions are. All it takes is our will and determination to create a beautiful world for ourselves.....Michael T.
just not gas!
Saturday 21 May 2016, 03:31:39
There hasn't been an actual need for gas for about 50 years or longer.
Saturday 21 May 2016, 15:18:32
we must all take a stand against fracking! we have nothing but some crazy white out cloud cover today, because fracking is biological and chemical weapons. tired and forgetful. shrinks the brain using aluminum oxide and thousands of other chemicals like uranium oxide(radiation).also called salt water injection wells? now think about makes "mad men"!
Saturday 21 May 2016, 18:15:05
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