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I just joined today. Maybe it is a sign [...]

Saint Charles, Missouri
via The Full Circle Project
I just joined today. Maybe it is a sign of a better year to come, because today happens to be my birthday, August 9. Always loved Max Egan. I think it is time to step it up and find like-minded people to associate with.
Good to have you Mark, welcome.
Sunday 9 August 2015, 18:58:57
Mark R
Thank you. Glad to make contact with you.
Sunday 9 August 2015, 19:06:03
How is your community? I passed through where you are last month on a road trip through more than 25 states.
Sunday 9 August 2015, 20:22:35
Hope you enjoyed your birthday!
Monday 10 August 2015, 04:35:49
Happy birthday Mark, I think so too, im seeking the same
Monday 10 August 2015, 04:56:18
happy birthday for yesterday Mark, nice to meet you, I think we all feel better to know we're not alone - A nice present for you
Monday 10 August 2015, 09:21:06
Mark R
Thank you both. Very much appreciated! Keep the communication coming and I will reciprocate, as well. Looking for new ideas and potential plans of action regarding the awakening of people on this spinning blue marble we are on.
Tuesday 11 August 2015, 00:01:41
Mark R
Feral, my community is no without it's issues. There can be beauty and there can be suffering. I'm hoping to use this site to draw much awareness, because it has huge potential.
Tuesday 11 August 2015, 00:03:14
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