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Did you guys catch this one? Max Igan live [...]

La Ciotat, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
via The Full Circle Project
Did you guys catch this one? Max Igan live from the Amazon! I'm surprised i didn't hear any monkey noises from the jungle background... One of my favorite subjects! well, in a sense.. This vid also has a Santos bonucci reconciliation at the end.. Great video all around, but that's pretty much a given with Max's work..

The monkey mind, oh yea! Haha.. Why is my avatar a monkey? I'm not a trickster and i do not operate in a primate mindstate.. I'm more of a lighthearted helper monkey.. I liken the monkey mind to the ego impulses that humans are born with.. The ego is the omnipresent protector of our 3D human identity.. It is our inner magnet that attracts and rejects things in and out of our lives..
I knew about the monkey mind for a while thanks to Terrance McKenna, and probably growing up watching the simpsons with their countless monkey references.. One of the methods i use to deter myself from operating in the monkey mind is that i replace all my curse word thoughts & reflexes with funny words and expressions that immediately alleviate stress, frustration and other ego impulses.. What's the word i usually use? "monkeys!" haha, that's right! but i got mad love for my monkeys and it's not like i'm cursing them in vain.. I also use it as a term of endearment..
From tossing bananas over fences at zoos to reaching out to enlighten other monkey minds with the blues.. I know I'm pretty weird but i feel comfortable in my own shoes... that's the basic funky plan from this monkey man...
Great stuff my monkey man mad warrior !
Friday 20 May 2016, 18:29:42
haha! thanks G
Friday 20 May 2016, 18:48:42
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