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Hey everyone hope all is well. It's been a crazy [...]

Burlington, Ontario
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Hey everyone hope all is well. It's been a crazy year so far with many signs that our eventual liberation is coming closer by the day! Check out the first update for May 2016 as we piece together this puzzling world with news articles from the main stream and alternative sources namaste.…
I checked some of the articles related to the one you posted. Besides Gen. Dunford taking over the presidency of USA and an unacknowledged martial law being in place They all talk about Polar shift and one states that the South East of the United States should of been already Evacuated possibly taking place by December 2016!. Is this something that will be produced by the Event Horizon? I would like input from all of you! Thank you. Love and Light for All as One
Thursday 19 May 2016, 17:05:46
HEART do not worry, all is under control,no cataclysm for pole shift like during the fall of atlantis and in case of emergency the Galactic Federation of Light will evacuate the planet.If you want more information,write me a private message
Thursday 19 May 2016, 19:14:10
Elanor thank you for your comment - very helping <3
Thursday 19 May 2016, 21:26:25
Yes Heart, Elanor is on the right track. The planet is hurting from our poor treatment of her, but the galactics are keeping her tuned, so to speak, so that she doesn't have mass environmental calamities before The Event. Once we've had Full Disclosure and are a peaceful galactic society, our star family will evacuate some people from certain places on Gaia that need to have seismic stretching so that no casualties will occur.
Sunday 22 May 2016, 00:26:41
Thank you to you all that so kindly have taken the time to ease our minds. I know i have much more to learn but my heart is in the right place!Love and light to all as One!
Sunday 22 May 2016, 14:25:24
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