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Is this a case of predictive programming ? This is [...]

Nantwich, Cheshire East
via The Full Circle Project
Is this a case of predictive programming ? This is a coin , minted by the Vatican back in 1985,
It depicts a plane which looks very much like chem trailing to me !…
could be, but i remember back in elementary mid 80's, kids would scribble pretty long contrails coming out of their funny lil airplanes they drew.. it could be just for the image exaggeration effect- per say.. but the vatican can't be trusted so i wouldn't doubt it
Wednesday 18 May 2016, 23:35:47
We are getting sprayed like mad here today, so looks like we will have rain later ,,, nice 🤔
Thursday 19 May 2016, 08:24:54
Thursday 19 May 2016, 08:42:41
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