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wow, everyones so far away . sure wish i were [...]

Beaverton, Oregon
via The Full Circle Project
wow, everyones so far away . sure wish i were off grid growing veggies with my cats . our fisheries are dying here ,and all fish in the rivers .they started deploying wireless sensors of all kinds into our waterways shortly after deployment of smartmeters and smartgrid tech.literally bathing all life in nw oregon with microwave spectrum frequency ,making our lands and rivers one giant hot spot.i am one reacting terribly to these smartmeters, i got their relay meter.anyway,needing some folks who want to help stop this smartgrid and all the eco damage being done here for a-21/"smartgrowth"/"sustainablitity" ect .all oversite agencies are a farce,all they do is make sure everyone destroying the earth and waterways have paid for their permission slips before dumping poison into the streams or developing over wetlands.
Helena Cat
They are starting to roll out smart meters in UK :(
Sunday 9 August 2015, 00:29:24
Only 430 miles away from me.
Welcome neighbor!
Sunday 9 August 2015, 03:07:59
orchid ocean surf
you can contact Josh Hart at his own sight/site:
Sunday 9 August 2015, 06:50:03
orchid ocean surf (they are successful in their cause and joined by many others). and, at this link: .... there will be a 'live, interactive event and meeting' in tackling EMF issues with solutions. it seems many people are noticing: the wireless issue, obviously, has become a problem and needs to be resolved. the indulgence of it is not worth the consequences.

Sunday 9 August 2015, 06:59:29
Sunday 9 August 2015, 06:59:39
Sunday 9 August 2015, 06:59:39
hi Deanna, I just joined and am much closer to you. Sorry to hear that you are feeling negative effects of smart meters. There are ways to mitigate the effects of smart meters, but I haven't delved deeply into it since I don't have one yet. But this site might be a good place to start: Best to you!
Saturday 23 January 2016, 01:07:56
I live in Oregon City and am sorry for your needless suffering. Perhaps if you put up some sort of lead lined fabric directly over the wall inside your home where the meter is will give you some shielding? Search Google for methods to protect from effects of smart meters, there has to be something on there. With love and healing thoughts
Thursday 15 September 2016, 01:59:54
copper foil does the trick, MAKE SURE TO GROUND
Friday 16 September 2016, 01:50:36
Unfortunately massive die offs are not just going on here, it's a worldwide, daily event. is another organization I have been submitting too. It's a massive movement to stop chemtrailing. It's starting to work, as my area sees much less than before. It will show you the devastation caused by all of it. It's much bigger than anyone knows, because media doesn't cover it.
Friday 16 September 2016, 20:52:02
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