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A Shout Out to my Ubuntu Friends I have some exciting [...]

Seymour, Missouri
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A Shout Out to my Ubuntu Friends

I have some exciting news. Near the end of April, I completed an article about “Disclosure of Secrets” Then I discovered a website builder and became a webmaster. Within two days created and published a new website that can open doors to the world for myself and lots of new friends.

The world is in a time of massive transition. The old age is in the process of dying and a new golden age is growing in spots throughout the planet. My website is designed to disclose this transition and uncover secrets that have held us back in the past.

The theme of the site is “Disclosing a New Abundant KINdom - an outlet for Trail Blazers to reveal their experiences in the New Golden Age that is dawning.” A KINdom is a new human society that is not ruled by kings, but is composed of kinfolks who are free and share the abundance of Mother Earth.

I want to invite you to join me, without money, in perfecting the website and telling your own story of transition and secrets you have discovery. Take a look at the Home page and then the Blog page, starting with “Welcome to Trail Blazers” (my personal story) and “1] Disclosure - Money Secrets”. Then signup to receive occasional news stories and email me if you have a personal story to share.

Disclosure of the truth is happening now! People are waking up to the way we have been controlled by the Matrix of Fear, War and Money. Many are discovering their power as sovereign spiritual beings and are creating a New Earth of Love, Freedom, Peace and Abundance for All.

Curtains of secrecy are being pulled back to reveal what has been kept hidden for over 75 years.

​They are looking behind the curtains and discovered that the “Wizards” in positions of authority have tricked us into become slaves of the Magic Money Matrix. The Wizards have convinced a majority of folks that we have no power and that we must have “someone older & wiser to take charge of us and tell us what to do.” “We must have a boss, a commanding officer, or a government to give us directions or we will just mess things up.” We should “Trust and Obey, there’s no other way.” We have been lead to believe our government, like a “big daddy” should take care of us as long as we obey the laws and do not create trouble.

People are discovering that we can no longer trust the government. We must take responsibility for ourselves and for our home on planet Earth. There is a battle going on between these two ways of life – between slavery and freedom. We are all involved in this battle for the minds and hearts of our Human Family. We can’t sit on the sidelines as spectators. We are all choosing sides whether we know it or not. We are choosing the future we are creating by what we think and believe about ourselves, by what we say and do to others, by our driving motivation to serve ourselves or to serve others. We are choosing to continue to live in a world controlled by fear, violence, slavery and war or a new world of love, freedom, peace and abundance for all.

Disclosing ways that we have been deceived and controlled and features of the New Earth that is sprouting around the world.
1. Disclosing Money Secrets and Alternatives We have been made slaves to a debt money system. We are being liberated by a love/gift economy that provides abundance for all.
2. Disclosing the Secrets of War and Power of Peace: War is the ultimate racket that forces obedience with fear of death and destruction. The Power of peaceful cooperation and non-violence is creating real security, independence and freedom.
3. Disclosing Free Energy and our Galactic Family We have been forced to depend on a limited supply of energy extracted from the earth and deceived into believing that the earth is the only planet in the universe inhabited intelligent life. Now the secrets of free abundant energy and our Galactic Family in space are being disclosed.
4. Disclosing War on Health for Profit and Abundant Healing Resources Our health care system has become a sickness business for profit. We are taking back responsibility our own health with natural ways to ways to strengthen our immune system.
5. Disclosing Criminal Government Systems and New Bio-Kindom The criminal activities of the governments and the money masters are being exposed. New cooperative life sustaining systems are being constructed in the shadows of the old systems of domination and control.

Have an abundance day with love and peace.

After you have explored the site you are welcome to forward this information to your friends!!!

From: Lincoln B. Justice
Seymour, MO 65746 USA
Phone: 417-935-5552
Skype: lincoln.justice
Abundant KINdom, Your message is right on point and I second everything you just said. Thanks for posting this and keep up the good work!
Sunday 22 May 2016, 13:59:52
Kari H
I agree on every point as well and am checking out your website too. Looking forward to collaborating with you on Ubuntu! :D
Wednesday 22 June 2016, 16:51:37
Excellent! Glad to see this so close to home! I will be checking out your site and hopen to connect with you soon!
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 16:54:24
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