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Currently at war with a psychopath... [...]

Kingsgrove, New South Wales
via The Full Circle Project
Currently at war with a psychopath...
Evade and escape, they are akin to vampyres. Don't let them drain you by giving them attention.
Saturday 8 August 2015, 11:34:36
...and focus on remembering as much subtle details of each explosions, as You can. After the storm has finally passed away, each detail about each wound will be like a Diamond. And if You keep working with Diamonds, they will become Brilliants, and Your weaknesses will become Your Strength. Pain is the best teacher: to show where You need to look, to make improvements, to heal what isn't coherent, and to master Your Energy. Namaste
Saturday 8 August 2015, 12:03:18
We all are Caprielle, the Psychopaths are waging war on humanity itself at present, and have evidently been doing so for centuries, good job we are in a transitional phase of reclaiming normality
Saturday 8 August 2015, 14:16:53
Helena Cat
Good luck with that! X
Saturday 8 August 2015, 21:13:24
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