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Per today's U.S. webinar meeting, here is a link to [...]

Manitou Springs, Colorado
via Ubuntu - United States
Per today's U.S. webinar meeting, here is a link to use for approved promotional material.…
Branson S
These are wonderful!
Monday 16 May 2016, 02:08:34
Deleted User
Brilliant job OZ... thank you so much for sharing ❂
Monday 16 May 2016, 17:40:51
Most welcome sister!
Monday 16 May 2016, 18:18:41
[deleted user]
OZ do you have video production experience?
Monday 16 May 2016, 19:13:04
I have some. I attended Full Sail and the Los Angeles Film School and worked in the industry for a couple years but mostly doing Post Production work.
Monday 16 May 2016, 19:14:25
Monday 16 May 2016, 19:14:46
[deleted user]
enough to do a 1-3 minute video for the website?
Monday 16 May 2016, 19:15:16
Whatcha got in mind?
Monday 16 May 2016, 19:15:57
[deleted user]
for the website AND for social media. It's a biggie. If you aren't sure, that's ok. Im just checking with you first. There is much to do.
Monday 16 May 2016, 19:16:14
I believe that nothing happens by chance and everything happens for a reason. Do you have an idea of what you all are looking for?
Monday 16 May 2016, 19:17:55
[deleted user]
a 1-3 min video for the website and for social media that explains what Ubuntu is and how to get involved. If you're up for it let me know.
Monday 16 May 2016, 19:19:39
yeah I'm sure I can swing that. Do you have a script or do you want me to write something up?
Monday 16 May 2016, 19:20:22
[deleted user]
Ok, Contact Starr right now and tell her you can do it. I don't have ALL the details, just the one request for someone with video production.
Monday 16 May 2016, 19:22:30
Sure thing. I'll start putting together a script for you all this week and send it for approval.
Monday 16 May 2016, 19:23:25
Will email starr
Monday 16 May 2016, 19:23:37
[deleted user]
Im sure you don't have to write. the Ubuntu book has plenty of material to draw from. Starr:
Monday 16 May 2016, 19:24:11
[deleted user]
love ya Oz. thanks!
Monday 16 May 2016, 19:24:48
Love ya sis and thank you, I just CCed you to the email.
Monday 16 May 2016, 19:28:02
[deleted user]
yes, I got it. Let Starr mention what she has in mind first before you start working/writing as I'm not sure how she wants to go about this.
Monday 16 May 2016, 19:30:41
Excellent, this is perfect. I will start printing and get these out to my local group here asap. Bless you OZ!
Tuesday 17 May 2016, 01:52:30
You are most welcome sister! <3
Tuesday 17 May 2016, 15:05:43
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