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Are any of you familiar w Mike Love? (Not the [...]

Los Angeles, California
via Ubuntu Planet
Are any of you familiar w Mike Love? (Not the one from The Beach Boys) This guy is so amazing and so, well, Ubuntu! He's currently touring the US. Here's a youtube link for his song Permanent Holiday" Makes me so happy to listen to this song on my headphones
Energy Kool
It's been quite a while since I don't hear a real piece of Reggae. Thank you so much for sharing. <3
Sunday 15 May 2016, 00:15:40
Cat Sun
You're welcome, so happy to share!
Sunday 15 May 2016, 03:15:46
Sunday 15 May 2016, 13:16:33
Mat Dowle
I first heard this via a previous post on here about a year ago... Absolutely love it. Thanks for reminding me to listen to it again!
Sunday 15 May 2016, 19:29:05
Mat Dowle
Different style of music, but I think you might like this one:…
Sunday 15 May 2016, 19:36:34
Cat Sun
Love it! Thank you Matt!
Sunday 15 May 2016, 19:49:53
Energy Kool
Peace of the Earth WE can All unite. Yes so.
Sunday 15 May 2016, 22:16:56
Cat Sun, I tripped over Mike Love about a year ago and I love his work - especially this song. Do you know if he is coming to Minneapolis? I'd love to go to his concert. How would I find out?
Tuesday 17 May 2016, 14:31:59
Cat Sun
Hi Trygve, his website is where his tour info is listed
Tuesday 17 May 2016, 14:39:54
Well, he was in Des Moines IA last night - that is 4 hours south. Maybe next time, he will swing through further to the north.
Tuesday 17 May 2016, 16:41:47
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