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Music is a great resource to get a meassage accorss [...]

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Music is a great resource to get a meassage accorss and we need artist to stand up for humanity. Thank you Simpson

this is live! good show, thanx for the post.. i resonate highly with this stuff since i've been compiling mixes of music that are chalk full of messages.. mostly underground hip hop, in a jazzy soulful way.. i know it's not the preferred genre for everyone, but the messages and melodies transcend well beyond it's boundaries..
Friday 13 May 2016, 12:10:58
Good work like it. I did not have time to listen to all but liked it :)
Saturday 14 May 2016, 20:53:02
cool, thanks buddy! yea, i know i make some of these mixes very long, so i don't expect folks to catch it all in one sitting, but it's always appreciated when anyone listens to them at all ;)
Monday 16 May 2016, 18:36:13
Keep it up bud !
Monday 16 May 2016, 18:40:15
i hear that- thanks man!
Monday 16 May 2016, 18:41:54
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