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Attention all members who live in California!!!!! [...]

Sanger, California
via The Full Circle Project
Attention all members who live in California!!!!!
Great News!!

A man by the name of Ben Cogan is running for County Supervisor District 1 in Santa Cruz, CA and this man is totally anti-vaccinations and is hoping to overturn bill SB277, a bill that has recently been introduced to our state which is all about forced medication and will go into effect soon and the time to act is NOW!!! I believe we should do everything in our power to help him and his campaign as this is the perfect opportunity to stop the insanity of forced medication upon our children. I told him about the Full Circle Project and he said he will look into it tonight and will hopefully become a member himself. I'm sure he will ask us for our help with his campaign and how to get in contact with him as he needs the help of the people to make the change happen. Please be sure to watch his video. NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION, LET'S DO THIS AND MAKE THE CHANGE HAPPEN. LOVE AND PEACE ALWAYS!…
Benjamin C
Thank you. Just joined. Need as much help as can.
Saturday 14 May 2016, 10:42:28
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