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For those of you who long to crawl through very [...]

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For those of you who long to crawl through very deep rabbit holes and their network…
this is golden and quite a deep of a hole to go down.. luckily i can keep track a good deal.. seen dozens of video discussions from Kerry Cassidy, but never read a Camelot interview- this is great after going thru a good amount.. i got sensations like when i read the hidden hand interview- good to note that he gave kudos of a positive reputation to project camelot/avalon's work...
thank you for the great read!
Thursday 12 May 2016, 21:35:29
[deleted user]
You're welcome, glad you enjoyed it. There's always this typical style of Kerry, present in her interviews, that seems to be a bit unhelpful in thawing the interviewee's nervousness and bring relief of caution due to that. Many find Kerry abrasive, as far as I've been a member of both projects, in the golden years of a Camelot/Avalon Forum that thrived on a great group of people, finding division, confusion and loss of cohesion, through the winter of 2010 and later. I've been a transcript writer for Bill Ryan, in 2009 and 2010, found evidence of infiltration of elements that purposefully attempted to destroy the harmony on all levels, tackling some of the whistleblowers' credibility too. And that of Bill and Kerry, leading to each going their separate ways, probably. All due to the lack of transparency, the characteristic of a whistleblower's world. A world difficult to really penetrate for sure! It truly takes a master's degree in discernment, to deal with that world succesfully, for many whistleblowers are traumatized. At risk to offer delusion as much as truth, as I perceive it. Though it's a heroic attempt to share the truth with the world, assisting us in finding our abilities for discernment and change our world.
Thursday 12 May 2016, 22:58:44
wow, no kidding!? that's very insightful what you say here and admirable that you helped Bill Ryan..
It's too bad about the division of these two, especially considering the many risks and sacrifices to get all this material out to people.. Did bill and kerry ever have an intimate relationship? Yea, i remember seeing some vulgar comments on youtube regarding kerry's interviewing styles. I like her approach for the most part, but yea sometimes she can interrupt a speakers' train of thought and such.. C'est la vie.. At least there's people like those 2 who risk a lot for us.. I agree, discernment is a must regardless of intention when going over this kind of info and people's accounts of it all..
Friday 13 May 2016, 07:23:02
[deleted user]
I'm not sure if Bill and Kerry had an intimate relationship. They explain about their connection, the start of their co-operation, while on a visit to Tintagel in Cornwall UK, the supposed location of King Arthur's castle where Merlin lived in a cave below the cliffs. They both were inspired by the principle of the Round Table and designed a plan to offer a space to whistleblowers and all those that were suppressed in speaking their minds. Hence the project Camelot inititative and the start of their interviews, with a table, a chair, a video camera and a microphone, all on an amateuristic simple level. I agree with you that it takes a lot of spunk and guts to start such a project. I tend to feel that both didn't know what it would require and demand of them, to be confronted themselves, with disbelief, ridicule and the bombardment of all kinds of projections, by their forum-members and by those in all levels of society. I've noticed that Kerry, with her background in Hollywood movie-industry, is slightly more commercially oriented and focussed on "delivering the poduct" with her name tagged to it, working on it to include that detail, to say it mildly, ahem. Bill seems to work more on creating a common ground with an interviewee, sometimes gullible and easily led astray, for some reason. I tend to think that Kerry was the driving force at the start of their Camelot project. Kerry is into channeling a lot, Bill refuses to take that as a credible source of info, about which I feel the same. It's hard work to keep facts and interpreation apart, in the whistleblower world. I've noticed that Bill and Kerry were exposed to forces of opposition, due to the nature of their work. It's in essence an opening of a Pandora box, when you begin to interview whistleblowers. You know as well as I do, that the opposition is immensely clever due to a long career in shadowy corners of our existence. Not that I've never been in them, mind you. I'm no saint at all and I don't pretend to be one. My parents must have been amazed, when I was born. As a minister's couple in a very strict Calvinistic church institute. At least for me, it's been a tremendously valuable learning curve, finding that I'm not very different from that stance, in my Mother Superior tricks of the trade, ha ha. Being a rebel and knowing when it's working for me or against me, is very helpful, see what I mean. The nature of the gipsy, the wanderer and tramp isn't that alien to me. It's been a deep desire in me, often recurring, to leave my home, without a penny, without a bag, just begin wandering and create my path, knock on doors and offer a story in exchange for a meal and a resting place in the haystack. That's why I leave the virtual world now, going off grid on a deeper level, sort of. Safe travels on your path, friend :)
Friday 13 May 2016, 07:45:35
very interesting, thanks for taking the time to type out these details! yea, i agree with what you say and noticed that tendency with kerry's background... i'll take the good with the bad, can't really avoid the bad all the time in 3D.. i'm no saint either, haha.. i appreciate Camelot a lot, for they introduced me to tons of info, important people/wistle blowers, researchers, etc.. interesting life story, you always have a meal and a place to stay if you wander down to the south of france speaking of which, do you think/know that you are a wanderer? the law of one transcript talk about this quite a bit
Friday 13 May 2016, 08:10:33
[deleted user]
It's funny, that I found my account not deleted yet, although I've done that on my side. Thanks for inviting me to your living place in the South of France, AYaM. I might go by boat to Brittany from Plymouth in the near future and travel southwards. I do love the South of France, Occitania, the Celtic origin of the people. I give you my email address here Farewell, I am a wanderer that is not lost, ha ha. Do you know that expression "Not all wanderers are lost" by Tolkien?
Friday 13 May 2016, 09:35:16
hearing that makes me imagine gandalf talking to bilbo in the original animated movie.. been over a decade since i read the books.. i'm sure i would interpret things very differently next time i read them... Bon voyage wherever the sea will take you!
thanks for reaching thru the glitch of your account. and the email, mine's
Friday 13 May 2016, 09:50:29
One of my favorites, thank you for sharing :)
Friday 13 May 2016, 19:19:54
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